by by Jane L. Candle[1] [1] This is the story of Kathy and how she met John. It’s a true story, but some of the names have been changed to protect the people in the story, mainly the names of the women. Thus, Anna and Kathy (same person) are fictitious names, but the character John […]

Truly Yours

by M. Maharlika[1] 1 “Clean up this mess you’ve gotten into Santina, or else you’ll lose your job, I’m serious,” said Mr. Peculla in a thundering voice. All the heads that had appeared above the half-size walls of the office cubicles to see what the commotion was vanished again, when Mr. Peculla walked out of […]

Where do broken hearts go?…….. Sagaduhh 😁😁 (Sagada, Philippines).

Where do broken hearts go?…….. Sagaduhh (Sagada, Philippines). Posted bybabblingstories3rd Nov 2019Posted inUncategorized People nowadays happened to asks this question most of the time. People who experience difficulty, stress and having a broken heart from their love ones or sometimes an event on their lives that affects their emotions and decisions. As a normal human […]


by M. Maharlika[1] [1] This is a true story told to M. Maharlika, who has tried to remain faithful to the report she received from Professor John McClean.   1 “Ladies and gentlemen, British Airlines welcomes you to Bangkok, Thailand. The local time is 8:30 p.m. For your safety and the safety of those around you, […]