Love you to Death


M. Maharlika[1]



Mandy almost fell off her chair when her friend, Chanel, shouted out all of a sudden.

“Leon’s messaged me out of the blue!”

“How did that happen? After disappearing for a few months, he suddenly messages you like nothing’s happened. What a nerve!”

“I don’t know. Maybe I should be angry with him, but when his name registered on my phone last night I felt nothing but happiness,” Chanel said.

“Don’t be. That guy’s an idiot and an asshole. Don’t waste any more time on him. Remember all the times you just cried over him. He left you with nothing, no explanation, no reason, nothing!” Mandy exaggeratedly reminded Chanel.

All of the words that came out of Mandy’s mouth were true. Leon was her long-time boyfriend. But a few months ago, he just disappeared like he had never existed at all. All of her friends told her that Leon ran away with somebody else, which she believed, since he just faded away like a burst bubble. Now Chanel doesn’t know what to do, she’s having mixed emotions. She still loves Leon despite everything he’s done to her.

“What does he want now, huh?” Mandy curiously asked.

“I’m not sure, but he wants to see and meet me in the place where we used to hang out. I don’t know what he’s up to,” Chanel said, undecided about what she should do.

“That’s your decision to make. But if it was me, I wouldn’t want you to meet that bastard,” Mandy continued spitting the words out through her gritted teeth.

Chanel fell into deep thoughts. She needed to decide either to meet Leon or not. Maybe she had to; she had a lot of questions to ask that guy that he had never answered. She needs to reconcile in her own mind, why he left her.


When the day came that Chanel and Leon had agreed to meet, she couldn’t stop walking back and forth in her room. She’s ready to go, but she’s not that ready to face Leon for the very first time after he left her stranded. 

“So is your T-back[1] ready?” Lee teased. Lee was her gay friend who kindly drove her to the place where she’s going to meet Leon.

“What do you mean T-back?” She asked, while re-touching her make up in her vanity mirror.

“C’mon girl, it surely goes together with the backless dress you’re wearing? You ain’t gonna seduce Leon? And you’re doing your makeup one more time!? Don’t lie to me,” he comically said, making Chanel blush.

“Yes, my beauty demands to be ravaged by a lover. But me and Leon we are not like that anymore. Everything has changed,” Chanel said laconically.

“Too bad. Your outfit says it all,” Lee gaily said. “Any real man would want to ravage you on the spot!”

“But I’m not losing hope, you know,” Chanel said in a serious tone.

“Losing hope? About what? You and Leon?” Lee asked confusedly.

“I’m not losing hope that I’m actually using the T-back, at last, and it’s going to do the trick,” she giggled.

“You’re such a flirt, but that’s the spirit, friend,” Lee laughed with her.


Leon de Magallanes is tall, thin, and pale. He is an imposing figure of a man of forty-six with dark hair and dark eyes; he is considered handsome by women and fearsome by men. He is very much a gentleman, well-dressed and well-mannered, which also endears him to women. Leon often wore black, which made his pale visage look even paler. He has a half-civilised ferocity about him that lurked in his eyes full of black fire, but it was subdued; and his manner was even dignified; though he sometimes appeared stern and morose. He was reputed to be passionate about women, and of being a master of seduction and of having many lovers. However, Chanel rejected these claims, pointing out that Leon was in fact a well-read aristocrat who spent most of his time researching the plights of indigenous peoples such as the Lumad peoples – the Blaan, Bukidnon, Higaonon, Mamanwa, Mandaya, Manobo, Mansaka, Sangir, Subanen, Tagabawa, Tagakaulo, Tasaday, and T’boli.

Chanel arrived at the Cafe Adriatico in Malate, where she had agreed to meet Leon. A uniformed waitress quickly came to assist her.

“Do you have a reservation ma’am?” The waitress almost sounded like she was some policeman interrogating her. Perhaps she was envious of the provocative outfit Chanel was wearing.

“Of course, I’m actually meeting with someone,” Chanel said staring the waitress down, as if she was some irritating snail.

But she lost interest in the bothersome waitress, when she saw Leon waiting inside the restaurant. As usual, he was dressed all in black, and looked incredibly handsome – although paler than usual. She walked straight up to him – and he immediately rose from the table when he saw Chanel approaching. Awkwardness was the name of the game. Neither of them dared say a word. But Leon offered her a seat at the table.

“Long time no see, Leon,” Chanel said, starting the conversation.

“Yes, I thought it was time to explain my side of things,” he said.

As mentioned, Leon is a very handsome guy – tall, dark and handsome, and every girl’s dream – a well-matured man in the prime of his life. While Chanel, on the other hand, was a mere girl of seventeen – she looks so common, not that attractive, and not that appealing. But she has a strong character, and the beauty of her character was expressed in her face. She had a distinctive appearance with her dyed blonde hair with red stripes, and she wore blue contact lenses, which gave her an intense look. She had provocative pouting lips, which she always painted bright red – she looked almost like a Burgos Street bargirl. She took some of the red lipstick and rubbed it across her cheeks to add to her provocative visage. She pencilled in her prominent eyebrows with a deep black colour, adding a vivacious look to her expression. Everybody that knows them, or saw them together, wondered what Leon saw in Chanel. Leon de Magallanes, the tall, dark Spanish aristocrat, and Chanel de Silang, the ‘ordinary’ Filipina girl. But maybe love really is blind.

“So what lie are you going to tell me this time, Leon ha?! You broke my heart to pieces. You know how much I trusted you, and out of the hundreds of men that courted me, you’re the one I chose. You wasted your chances with a girl like me – one of a kind girl like me.” Chanel nagged him.

It was true that in some people’s eyes Chanel looked ordinary – but she was ‘one of a kind’ – something special.

“Huh?” Leon was speechless.

“What huh? Did I say something wrong?” Chanel was confused by Leon’s reaction – perhaps it was because she called him a liar.


“Nothing. I was just saying that I’m here to explain – and I’m not going to lie,” he answered.

“What is it then? Be sure it’s an acceptable reason,” Chanel warned him, gazing intently.

“I had an accident a few months ago and lay comatose in hospital for a long time too,” he began.


Chanel noticed that the restaurant staff were looking at her weirdly – perhaps she had raised her voice too much, she thought to herself. She was just too shocked by Leon’s revelation – she felt bad knowing that he had suffered, but she’d done nothing but to hate and accuse him all the time he was laying there helpless in hospital.

“Are you telling the truth? Or are you just giving me that reason, so you can get away with what you’ve done?” She said to him, staring him in the eye to gauge his reaction.

“I know it’s hard for you to believe everything I’m telling you, but I’m telling the truth. I was just released from the hospital one week ago, and you’re the first person that I wanted to see,” Leon continued.

“Really?” Chanel suddenly back-stepped – Leon really is her weakness – he always manages to touch her soft spot.

“Yes. We can go to the hospital where I was confined if you don’t believe me,” he added.

In fact, when Chanel started to think about it, she thought Leon looked very pale and sickly – almost ethereal.

“No, it’s fine. I believe you,” Chanel said with tears in her eyes.

“Thank you,” said Leon full-heartedly.

“I just feel guilty that I wasn’t beside you at the time that you needed me the most, and just thinking that you had fooled me instead,” Chanel said, crying.

“It’s done. You know how much I love you,” Leon said sincerely.

Duck billed platypus smudge

“I know and you should be. A girl like me is like an endangered species – very hard to find,” she answered with a tinge of humour. You mean like a duck-billed platypus! Leon countered in sardonic repartee.

Chanel didn’t know what a duck-billed platypus was, so she just slightly smiled and let Leon’s remark go by.

While she was talking to Leon in the restaurant, she noticed again how the girl staff were standing huddled together in a corner, and how they kept casting glances at her and Leon, almost sneering, and looking at them as if they were some weird aliens from outer space. But Chanel didn’t have time to worry about the cheeky girl staff with nothing to do, so she just snubbed them; Chanel thought, “they’re probably just too envious of how an ordinary girl like me is together with a real man – Leon – the most handsome and elegant guy you could ever expect to see – and he’s already mine.”

They finished their dinner in peace, though Leon hardly touched his food – he just sucked his steak tartare but pushed the raw egg and side dishes to one side. They walked towards the exit, and then again – the staff kept giving them strange looks – and some of them seem to be surreptitiously giggling at them, thought Chanel. Chanel wondered what’s their problem, but it’s hardly something she is concerned with, so she just rolled her eyes at them and walked on.


Leon suggested they go to his place. She agreed immediately, since she’s been missing Leon a lot. Chanel and Leon had spent a lot of time together before, but they had never consummated their love, just being souls in love. So like school children, they had just kissed and touched each other. Leon was always a gentleman, and respected Chanel’s wishes. But now Chanel felt a little apprehensive about what might happen in Leon’s place. Did he want to finally consummate their love for each other she wondered? She wasn’t sure if she was ready. Despite being seventeen, she was perhaps the last teen-virgin left in Manila! She was also worried about becoming an old maid. She was the only one amongst her friends without sexual experience.


“Come, come. You want something? Water? Juice? Wine? Cocktail? Bloody Mary?” Leon offered Chanel as they entered his pad.

“It’s okay,” Chanel declined as she sat on the couch in the lounge.

“Are you sure? You must be thirsty,” Leon continued.

“Yes, I’m sure. Let’s watch Netflix and chill?” Chanel said to Leon, while taking hold of the TV remote.

“Huh? Watch TV? I think it’s better we go in my bedroom? The AC is much cooler than here,” Leon suggested straight away that made Chanel wonder what his intentions were.

Leon is quiet and shy – a gentleman. So Chanel was curious. Leon had never asked her before to go to his bedroom. They usually just stayed in the living room petting and kissing. 

“I-I- I mean if you wanna rest? Y-you we can go in my room, and we can watch TV there too,” Leon immediately explained when he saw her reaction.

“Ah okay. That would be nice and I miss lying beside you too like in the ‘old days’,” Chanel said smiling cutely at Leon.

They decided to stay in the room and watch some movies and Leon had made some drinks too.

They drank some bloody Marys while watching the movie Interview with the Vampire.

They were both lying on the bed watching the movie.

“My God – there are just too many gorgeous men in this movie – but none of them are as gorgeous as you – there’s Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Christian Slater, Antonio Banderas!” Exclaimed Chanel.

But what about the sensual Lolita-like Claudia – she reminds me of you – but your breasts are more luxurious,” said Leon cheekily reaching over to touch Chanel’s breasts.

“My God Leon don’t be so rude,” Chanel exclaimed while clutching Leon’s hand to her breast and looking at him with little-girl hungry eyes.

Chanel didn’t count all the Bloody Mary’s she had drunk, before her head started spinning.

“I’m drunk. I should get going now or else maybe I gonna rape you,” Chanel laughed.

“You can sleep here. It’s okay, you look drunk, and it’s not safe to go out on the street – there’s all kinds of zombies roaming the street at this time of night. And I can’t drive you, because I’m a bit drunk too,” Leon said.

“Can I sleep on the couch,” Chanel asked.

“It’s okay. It’s such a king-size double bed. Don’t you miss lying beside me? I’m not going to do anything you don’t like I promise,” he said out of the blue.

Chanel started to wonder what he was talking about, but she was too drunk to give it a lot of thought.

“Okay, okay. Don’t you dare ravage my purity – you know I’m still a virgin flower,” Chanel said, while Leon was already fixing the bed.


Chanel woke up because of the feeling that someone was caressing her body. It felt so good, but then she realized that she was alone in her room. She quickly got up and covering herself, walked across the room. She screamed, when she saw a silhouette of a guy in front of her. Her head ached, because she had a hangover, but she continued screaming – and now she started throwing things at this perverted creature coming towards her.

“Hey? Babe it’s me, Leon. Calm down, can you?” She suddenly stopped, when she realized what was happening.

“Oh sorry – sorry – I was dreaming. I’m usually alone in my room, so I got paranoid when I saw you. I forgot about last night,” Chanel explained, her head still aching.

“It’s okay. Come back to bed, it’s still very early,” Leon said while beckoning her to come back to bed.

Chanel was still pretty drunk. She walked back towards the bed. But then she lost her balance, and fell on top of Leon. Their faces were almost touching – so she was staring Leon straight in the eyes. Her gaze went downwards towards Leon’s lips, which seemed to be asking a question – or offering an invitation. All of a sudden, they started to kiss each other violently.

Chanel sighed receiving his kisses. His kisses felt really good. She started to kiss him back so that Leon became impassioned. How they missed each other – she’d never expected that this day would come.

“I miss you, babe,” Leon whispered to her.

“I miss you too,” Chanel responded.

She helped Leon to take off his shirt, while he continued kissing her. Chanel’s hands moved over every part of Leon’s body, while he’s still kissing her torridly. They were both lying on the bed, half-naked, their bodies pressed together – it felt so good – Chanel hugged Leon tightly. But then she stopped, when she noticed something.

Leg wound x dry brush

“Wait. What is that?” She got up all of a sudden.

“Let’s continue,” Leon said as he was kissing her neck and tried to make her lie down again. But Chanel got up and looked around.

She turned on the lights. She saw that Leon had a large wound all the way down the front of his leg. It was a fresh wound so there was still blood oozing from it.

“What’s that? Are you well? That looks so awful,” Chanel said panicking, pointing out the large open wound down the length of his calf.

“Ahm,” Leon seems confused, and doesn’t know what to say.

“What? We should go to the hospital because it looks very serious,” Chanel continued.

“No!!” Leon shouted unexpectedly – so that Chanel flinched at his strange response. “It’s been treated with antiseptic – it’s not a problem. It just needs time to heal.

“I’m just worried,” she said.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to shout at you. This is a wound I got from a car accident, so you don’t need to worry,” he just said, getting up and leaving the room.


“So you and Leon got back together? That easy huh?” Mandy asked.

They were now in Mandy’s RTW shop (“Ready To Wear”), which she owns. Lee is with them too together with another lady friend of theirs, and Ciara and her boyfriend Macky. They hang out together every Sunday. Leon is supposed to be with them, but he said that he had a few things to do, and will see them next time. Chanel’s a bit disappointed, because they’d just met the other day, but she can’t do anything about it. She also thinks that maybe he’s avoiding her, because of what happened the other night, but why? It was just a normal thing to ask why he had such a large gaping wound all the way down his calf.

“Yes. We’re not really separated in the first place,” Chanel said to her friend.

“Knowing this girl? Of course she’ll accept Leon on bended knees,” Lee said jokingly.

“Who wouldn’t? Leon is the only man that’ll treat me like the most beautiful girl on this Earth. Of course, it’s hard for me to just let go of him. Having him is like winning the lotto,” Chanel said in defence.

“Then why are you still sad? Something’s happened?” Mandy asked noticing Chanel’s gloomy mood.

“Nothing. Stop putting me on the hot seat, you freaks!” Chanel said irritably.

“Did you two have any action on the night?” Ciara asked, giggling.

“No. Tsk! He was so weird!” Chanel answered irritated, while Ciara stamped her feet on the floor like a kid.

“Oohh. That’s why. No love the other day, so pure hate for today. Poor Chanel Ha-ha,” Lee said mockingly that irritated Chanel even more.

“What the heck, Lee. Shut your filthy mouth before I stitch it up for you!” Chanel said vexed.

“What do you mean that Leon was weird?” Mandy asked curiously.

“He’s acting a bit different. I don’t know,” Chanel answered.

“Maybe because of the accident? You know there’s a lot involved – if he is going to change,” Mandy commented while sipping on her coffee.

“Maybe you’re right. I need to understand him more,” Chanel agreed. Mandy is the only one that she can have a serious talk with among her friends.

“Or maybe he’s just too shy, and he became defensive, when you asked too many questions?” Mandy added, so that Chanel shook her head in frustration.

“You guys are all shits,” Chanel burst out, making her friends just laugh.


Chanel and Leon had been going out together for the past few weeks, making up for the time that they weren’t together before. Chanel never talked about the ‘wound’ topic again, but she still wondered about it, especially that he still seems to have the same affliction, which hasn’t healed. She worries, but Leon looks fine otherwise, so she just forgot about it. And her friends still hadn’t met Leon, and she felt that he was avoiding them for some reason.

“Ciara and Macky’s engagement party is on Saturday this week and we’re both invited,” Chanel said to Leon excitedly, but he was unresponsive.

“I have an important appointment on the same day, babe,” he said, looking away.

“Don’t tell me that you can’t make it again?” Chanel asked disappointed.

“I’m sorry. I’ll make it up with all of you soon,” Leon said taking hold of her hand.

“I hope you will – they’ve been inviting you, but you’re always busy, and I’m always left alone,” Chanel added dramatically.

“I promise, I’ll make it up to all of you,” Leon assured Chanel.


Chanel and Leon were at their favourite restaurant, Cafe Adriatico in Malate, having their dinner; and like before, the staff were giving her weird looks, and some were even sniggering, but she just ignored them like before.

She’s worried that Leon seems to have no appetite. After they met up again, he never seems to eat much. Although tall and thin, he was still muscular in a wiry sort of way.

“Maybe he’s on a diet, or not allowed to eat much, because he’s just got out of the hospital,” Chanel thought to herself.

She wanted to ask Leon about his loss of appetite, but she doesn’t want to spoil the moment. She also noticed that Leon’s had developed a temper with a short fuse. He used to be very relaxed before, and never got uptight about anything.

“Are you full?” Leon asked, when he noticed Chanel pushing some rice around her plate with her fork.

“Ah yes, yes,” Chanel responded. She paid the bill before they left. This was also peculiar, because Leon never let her pay before.


“But you’re coming, right?” Ciara asked.

“Yes of course. I can’t miss that,” Chanel answered, she said talking to Ciara on the phone.

“Why is he always absent, anyway? Is he avoiding us?” Ciara asked.

“No, no. He’s just too busy. You know that he was in the hospital for months. He’s still recovering,” Chanel explained to her friend, but her reasons didn’t sound very convincing.

“You’re sure? That’s okay then. Hope we’ll meet him again soon. We miss him,” Ciara said.

“Don’t worry. It’ll happen soon,” Chanel said.


It had been a Friday night and Chanel and Leon had gone to Leon’s apartment. She had got drunk, lost control, and given herself to Leon. But she didn’t regret it.

When they had arrived at his place that Friday night, they sat on the chaise longue in the lounge and consumed quite a few drinks. Leon had mixed quite a few cocktails at his minibar. Chanel loved Californications while Leon drank Bloody Marys. Leon started kissing her lips, and Chanel lovingly responded. His kisses moved downwards along her flawless neck. He undid the clasp of her bra, and pulled down the flimsy top revealing her firm breasts and pink nipples, which he hungrily sucked and kissed like a baby. Chanel moaned and sighed, while her baby tried to suck the elixir of love from her breasts. He gently laid her across the chaise longue, while he knelt on the floor. He removed the rest of her clothes, so Chanel lay naked. She was quite drunk and only happy to receive adulation and adoration towards her body from Leon. Her love juices had already began to flow, by the time Leon had reached her sweet wet peach. He adoringly kissed her pureness, and slid his long and snake-like tongue into her juicy pussy – Chanel almost cried from satisfaction.

“Ooh, Leon. Don’t stop!” Chanel cried from pleasure.

Leon carried on devouring her womanness, savouring such a delightful taste. He moved up on to the chaise longue, positioning himself on top of her. Chanel was still a virgin. His member was very large, so he had trouble invading her defences. She let out a scream of agony, when he thrust his sharp weapon into her small delicate cleft. Her utterance of pain only encouraged him though, and enlarged his hard and stiff cock, which he thrust ever harder into her.

The tears sprang from Chanel’s eyes, as her virgin blood gushed from her vagina, when he obliterated her hymen. Leon was only interested in his own pleasure and thrust more violently into her. Her cries of pain only stimulated him to inflict her with more pain, while receiving from her so much pleasure.

“Oh my god. It’s so painful!” Chanel complained.

“Don’t worry – you’ll feel pleasure soon,” Leon weakly argued. “I’ll be more careful,” he said.

He was careful for a short while, but soon forgot his promise, and became like a bull that had been given instructions by the farmer to impregnate all the cows on the farm, quickly and violently.

“I can’t carry on – the pain – oh my God!” Chanel begged him.

“Relax. You’ll feel pleasure soon,” Leon tried to assure Chanel.

“Oh! It’s so painful! Can we do it another day? Because it’s really painful,” Chanel begged him.

“What are we a drama series to be continued?” Leon joked, as he carried on pumping in and out.

“Please! I’m serious. I feel like I’m dying,” Chanel cried.

But Leon got mad all of a sudden. He grabbed her hair twisting it hard, and slapped her ass hard with his other hand. “Shut up bitch – I’ll let you know when we’re gonna stop fucking – so just shut your fucking mouth,” he shouted angrily, while pumping into her with his large member, so the blood streamed down her thighs.

“Stop! Please! Aahh,” Chanel screamed in agony.

But Leon continued fucking her violently, while Chanel cried in desperation, pleading him to stop.

After some time, Chanel’s crying whimpered out, and started to change into pleasurable moans, as Leon carried on fucking her. He fucked her for what seemed an interminably long time, with increasing rapidity, thrusting his large cock into her tiny virginal slit.

They both climaxed letting out sighs of satisfaction, their love juices mingling together.

“I told you. You’d have unimaginable pleasure after the pain,” Leon whispered as he carried on fucking Chanel.

“Ooohhh, babe. Don’t stop!” was all Chanel could say.

Leon exploded his all inside Chanel, while Chanel was breathing so hard, while still lying on the chaise longue, her legs still wide apart, blood and both of their love balsams mixed in her core, and running down the inside of her thighs staining the material of their makeshift lovers’ bed.

“I love you, babe,” Leon said, while lying beside her on the narrow chaise longue.

“I love you too,” Chanel answered, even though she didn’t like how Leon had acted so rough and violently earlier, although their lovemaking had ended in sweet caresses.  

“Promise me one thing,” Leon said while hugging her.

“Promise you what?” Chanel asked curiously.

“Promise me that you’ll love me forever, and that we’ll be together forever and forever,” he said staring intensely into Chanel’s eyes.  

“I will,” she answered.

“Promise me!” he said persistently.

“I promise that I’ll love you forever, and we’ll stay together forever and forever,” Chanel said, mimicking what Leon said.

“Till death,” he added.

“Till death,” Chanel repeated.

“Till death,” they said in unison, sealing their pact with a lingering and passionate kiss.


“Omg!!” Mandy shouted, as Chanel told them what had happened the night before at Leon’s apartment.

“At last, Leon has watered the plants or else the plants maybe would have died from too much dryness,” Lee mocked Chanel’s story of ‘re-born love’.

“Envious creature!! You should leave the earth. Go back to your planet, you alien-slash-predator,” Chanel responded.

“You’re blooming, huh! Love is in the air,” Ciara commented, while holding her fiancé’s hand – they were leaving soon, because they were having their engagement party that evening.

“Of course, ha-ha. Nobody can take away my happiness today,” Chanel said happily, rolling her eyes at Lee.

“What happened? Who made the first move? Was it really painful?” Mandy asked, as she was curious to know, as she was still single and a virgin.

“Who else? Of course, the dry plant will always make the first move, ha-ha! And maybe she even used force and violence, so that Leon would swallow his disgust and boom-boom her,” Lee teased again, so that Chanel became irritated.

“You gay!! Find an eggplant and ram it up your ass, you hater!” Chanel taunted Lee, who just laughed loudly.

“I thought you said nobody can take your happiness away? Chill girl, you still need some more watering events in your life,” Lee continued, but ran off, when Chanel threw a couch cushion at him.

“Easy guys. Don’t mess up my workplace,” Mandy warned, as she was preparing the gown for Ciara.

“So only Leon can’t come to my party?” Ciara asked, while looking at Chanel.

“Sadly yes,” Chanel answered.

“We actually notice his absence. But we hope that he can make time to hang out with us,” Lee commented, as he checked on what Mandy’s doing.

“Well, it’s okay. As long as he’s giving Chanel enough time,” Mandy responded to Lee’s comment, while putting the gown in the box.


The engagement party went well; the group of friends really had fun, and they’re very happy for the couple that will tie the knot soon.


Chanel woke up a bit late. She got out of bed, and found a dress to put on. She’s going to meet Lee for lunch. After choosing a dress to wear, she checked her phone and saw a couple of messages and texts, mostly from Leon and Lee.


“Hey, girl! Good morning.”

“I’m on my way. See yah.”


“Good morning, babe.”

“What will you do today?”

“Can we meet for dinner?”

“Reply when you read my message. Love you.”

Chanel: “Hi Lee. I’ll be on my way soon. See you.”

Leon: “Sure for dinner. Where you at?”

Lee: “Alryt. Take care.”

She didn’t receive any more messages from Leon, so she decided to call him up. The phone kept ringing, but there was no reply. Maybe he’s busy, so she decided to just get ready for their date later.

After an hour, she arrived at Starbucks, Greenbelt 3 in Makati. She went straight inside, after seeing Lee sitting there already. He had already ordered coffees and pastries for them.

“Wow! Sweet! I thought we were going to have lunch?” Chanel joked.

“Maybe later. The Japanese resto is quite full because its lunchtime. We can go there around 2:30 pm,” Lee explained, while sipping on his drink.

“Ah okay. Anyway, Leon and are meeting about 5 pm – maybe you want to meet him to?  Are you keen?” Chanel offered.

“Sure, sure. I also miss that hunkie, you know,” Lee answered.

“You behave later okay? Or else I’ll send you back to the cave where you came from,” Chanel said, half-serious, half-kidding.

“Good thing we’re best friends or else Leon’s already mine.” Lee said that made them both laugh loudly.

After having lunch with Lee, Chanel decided to call Leon, but her phone had a dead battery. It was a good thing that she had already messaged him the time and place where they were going to meet.

It was still only three in the afternoon, so Chanel and Lee roamed around the mall first, before going to the movie theatre, because Chanel wanted to see Captain America starring her heartthrob, Chris Evans.

They shopped some clothes and accessories, then decided to go up to the movie theatre.

“Are you sure that Leon knows that we’re going to meet him here?” Lee asked, while looking around, and checking what movies were showing.

“Yes, I messaged him,” Chanel answered, and smiled when she recognize Leon walking along.

She immediately walked towards him waving and he smiled back at her.

“Hi. Did I keep you waiting?” He asked, smiling shyly.

“No. It’s fine, I’m with Lee actually,” Chanel informed him cheerfully, but noticed how Leon’s smile faded slowly.

“Lee? Ah, okay. Can I go to the restroom first?” Leon excused himself, and walked away in the direction of the restroom a little way away from the movie theatre.

“Wait–,” Chanel called after him.

She was left alone just like that. Bewildered and confused. He’s really weird. She tried to follow Leon, but she also noticed some people looking at her, looking at her weirdly, and she wondered why they were giving her such queer looks. She flinched, when someone grabbed her arm.

“What the–!” Chanel saw that it was Lee though.

“What are you doing way over here – I thought we were going to the movies?” Lee asked, wondering.

“Leon just came, but he left suddenly for the CR,” Chanel said.

“Leon? Where? I’ve been watching you ever since you suddenly walked away from me waving your arms like a madwoman. I didn’t see any Leon, girl,” Lee said confused by her erratic behaviour.


Leon didn’t show up again that night. Chanel tried to call Leon using Lee’s phone, but he didn’t answer.

So after having dinner, Lee and Chanel decided to leave.  She’s been thinking about what happened and she can’t explain what’s going on exactly.

How come Lee hadn’t seen Leon? Perhaps it was because it was so crowded in the mall – as it was the weekend. She just decided to forget everything that was bothering her. She needs to know where Leon was. How come he never returned from the restroom that day. Is he okay? She’s really worried and confused.


Chanel had just finished showering when she received a message from Leon:

Leon: “Hi, babe? Sorry about the other day. I didn’t come back, because, I had a really bad problem with my stomach, so I decided to go home. I’m really sorry. I hope you understand.”

Leon’s message eased her worries, but why didn’t he tell her at the time – she could have taken care of him.

Chanel: “It’s alright. How are you feeling today? Do you want me to go there? I want to take care of you. I never had the chance when u had an accident. Let me.”

Leon: “It’s okay, no worries. I’m better now, thanks.”

Chanel: “Are you sure? Maybe I can cook for you.”

Leon: “No it’s ok – maybe we can see each other tomorrow?”

Chanel: “It’s no trouble for me – let me visit you.”

But Leon didn’t reply anymore. Maybe he fell asleep or was still sick. Chanel decided to visit Leon in the afternoon. Before going to Leon’s place, she decided to take out food from their favourite restaurant.

After ordering food at the restaurant, Chanel went to the restroom. She pushed open the door of the restroom, which led to a small room housing various dispensing machines, before you could enter the adjacent main room. The word ‘crazy lady’ made her stop in her tracks though; it was two of the staff gossiping about something – so she decided to stay in the small room and eavesdrop on them.

“The crazy lady with the blonde hair and red stripes is here again. I wonder what’s really going on with her,” one of them said.

Chanel’s blood boiled atomically when she realised they were talking about her. She was already on her way to bawl them out them out when the other said, “But she looks well today. She wasn’t talking to herself like she usually does.”

Chanel knotted her forehead at this remark.

“Me? Talking to myself? What am I? A lunatic? What are they talking about?” She asked herself confused.

“Yes. I noticed that, she looks well now. She actually looks almost normal,” the first one added with a giggle.

“Maybe she’s been taking her medicine – perhaps she forgot before,” the second added, and they both laughed hysterically.

Chanel thought she had to butt in – how dare these mere skivvies talk so much crap behind the backs of customers?

“What did you just say? Me? Crazy?” Chanel madly asked them, as she confronted the two girls.

“Ma’am??….” They said in unison, both looking horrified.

“Don’t you know that it’s bad to talk shit behind people’s backs? Especially when you’re just flunkeys slaving away here, and when I’m a customer – the one paying your wages?! Chanel chastised them while closing in and staring madly at them with her sharp blue penetrating eyes.

“Sorry, sorry, ma’am. We didn’t mean too,” the first girl apologized.

“Please ma’am we’ll never do it again,” the second girl added.

“You should be or else….. I’ll tell your boss!!” Chanel warned the two girls who hurriedly left the restroom.

Chanel decided to just let these two gossipers be, since she’s not in the mood to bitch out.

“But what were they talking about? Me talking to myself?” Chanel thought to herself perplexed.

Chanel was still thinking about it, when she heard her name called by one of the staff at the counter. She suddenly remembered her order, and her plan to visit Leon. She went to the counter to pick up her takeaway food and forgot all about the chatter of the two girls.


Chanel was already on her way to Leon’s place, but she still wasn’t able to contact him. She had arrived at Leon’s apartment and had been knocking for almost 10 minutes, but nobody was answering or opening the door. She became more worried than ever now, thinking that something might have happened to Leon. Chanel knocked on the door again, but still no answer. But the neighbouring door opened revealing a middle-aged woman standing there.

“Ahmm… It looks as if I’m disturbing you? I’m here for my boyfriend, Leon? But I don’t know if he’s inside or what,” Chanel apologized.

“It’s okay. I’m Meredith by the way,” the middle-aged woman said, introducing herself.

“I’m Chanel, Leon’s girlfriend. He lives here. Can I ask if by chance you know if he’s home?” Chanel asked.

“Leon de Magallanes?” Meredith asked confused.

“Yes, exactly,” Chanel smiled.

“Are you sure he’s in unit 312?” Meredith asked.

“Yes. I’m sure. I’ve already been here a couple of times – why ma’am?” Chanel asked getting confused by the questions that Meredith was throwing at her.

“Because that unit has been abandoned for almost one year now. Nobody lives there. I don’t why – maybe the owner emigrated somewhere and left that unit,” Meredith explained.

“You must be mistaken? I was here just a few days ago,” Chanel said.

“Well I’m not really sure. But you can ask the condo admin if you want – I can show you where it is,” Meredith offered.


Chanel was able to contact the condo admin.

“Sorry ma’am, but that unit is actually empty, and is already for sale,” the condo admin man informed her.

“Can I check that unit? Do you have the key?” Chanel asked. She felt like a melting candle after all the things she had been hearing today.

“Sure ma’am. I’ll just check. You can sit there for a while ma’am,” the man kindly offered.

Chanel called Lee and Mandy, so they could also help her check the unit. They’re already on their way and will arrive in no time. She’s not liking what’s running through her mind. Chanel hopes she’s wrong.


The three of them went to check Leon’s unit. Chanel felt that there was a bomb that had just exploded in front of her, when she saw how dirty and dusty the place was. A lot of the furniture had been removed. It was obviously abandoned. How come that it really looks so different from when she was there just a few days ago?

“Are you sure it’s Leon’s place? This place looks like crap!” Lee complained while coughing, because of all the dust in the place,

“I’m really confused, guys. Believe it or not, I was here a few days ago, and it didn’t look like this. I don’t know what’s going on,” Chanel said bursting into tears.

Mandy put her arm around Chanel. “We believe you – there must be some rational explanation.”

“Here’s a clue,” Mandy said, as she let go of Chanel.

“What clue?” Chanel and Lee asked in unison.

“I found this in the drawer of the bureau. This is Leon’s ID, right?” Mandy asked looking at Chanel while showing her the ID card.”

“Yes. What about it?” Chanel asked.

“Look at the reverse side where it says, ‘In case of emergency contact’. There’s a name and a mobile number,” Mandy declared.

“Oh my goodness. You’re so smart,” Chanel said.

“Who’s this Ernesto de Magallanes?” Mandy asked.

“That’s Leon brother,” Chanel answered.

“Okay let’s go. We need to see him,” Mandy said and they left the place.


Ernesto de Magallanes lives in Bulacan, the neighbouring province in north Luzon, just an hour and a half’s drive from Manila.

Ciara’s fiancé had a large SUV and was able to drive Chanel and all her friends there.


They finally arrived and were able to get to see Ernesto, Leon’s brother.

“Leon’s dead. He was dead on arrival at the emergency ward. He was involved in a car accident. He was driving his Porsche 550 Spyder at high speed when he was hit by a 950 Ford Custom and flung out of the car on to the highway. Lying on the highway injured, he was run over by a Triumph Tiger T110, which lacerated his leg resulting in death due to the severing of an artery.”

Chanel burst out crying. Leon’s brother’s revelation totally shocked her – she’s going crazy. What about those days that she was together with Leon. How could it be? The answers start to appear in her mind – the reaction of the staff in the restaurant – they thought she’s crazy, because she’s ‘talking to herself’ – as if she was talking to someone who wasn’t there – Leon. And the fact of his wound – and that he could only meet her and not her friends. Chanel started to feel that there were some things that are new under the sun – things she didn’t understand.

“I knew there was something strange. From what you told us when we were checking the unit? And why did he never show his face to anybody but you?” added Mandy.

Mandy felt sorry for Chanel and gave her a hug.

“What the heck? I can’t believe it..! What does he want then,” Lee asked with a confused look on his face.

“Lets’ go to a psychic,” Mandy suggested. I know a psychic here in Ermita; she’s a sea-gypsy a Sama-Bajau woman who lives here in Ermita. Her name is Oda Mae Brown; that’s not her real name, but she has anglicized her Sama-Bajau name.


They finally found the address of Oda Mae Brown in Mabini Street, and walked into a heavily incensed room in a deep basement with no windows. Oda Mae sat on a large red satin pillow surrounded by a number of strange feline creatures. The pungent smell of the many incense burners meant that they had trouble focusing. Oda waved her hand – indicating that they should take a seat in front of her – where there were placed many small cushions.

They had been told to take along a photo of Leon and an item of his clothing. Luckily, Chanel still had photos of him, and an old bandanna, which she had kept, and which she used to hold tightly into her face every night before she went to sleep, because it still held that musky smell of him.

Oda Mae went through some rituals with the photo and the bandanna. She then seemed to go into a trance – and beckoned with her hands that they should form a ring.

She then pronounced, “He wants you to come with him.”

This made them all shiver out of fear.

“Oh heavens! Leon wants you to be his queen of darkness,” Lee exclaimed – Mandy elbowed him, as he was so tactless.

Chanel cried, she loves Leon so much, but she just can’t imagine being together with a ‘dead’ person. It’s all so unreal to her. But at the same time, it seems real, because she had met and touched Leon and made love to him. Chanel values her life in this world, she loves Leon with all her heart, but is she willing to cross over to the other side?

“Is it possible that he can take Chanel with him to the other side?” Mandy asked the psychic.

“Yes. Especially if she’s willing and promises him something when they’re together, when he’s already dead. But unless she promises something, then the bad soul cannot do anything,” the psychic said.

“Oh thanks God. You’re safe Chanel,” Lee and Ciara said in unison.

“Why? Do you want to go with him? Or did you promise him something?” Mandy asked, when she noticed Chanel’s perplexed expression.

“I did promise him,” Chanel said in a whisper.

“You promised what!?” Her friends asked in unison.

“That I will stay with him forever…. Till death,” Chanel confessed, and burst out crying.

“Holy cow!”


Chanel’s friends stayed with her that night. They are all scared that Leon might show up. The psychic said that Leon was already aware that Chanel knew about his plans.

Leon is already a lost soul, as he has done a deal with the devil – selling his soul just before he died for the promise of a ghost-life in return. Leon was now in debt to the devil, and had become a lesser demon. The devil had given him the task of finding new souls that would do his biddings.

The psychic said that they can’t do anything about it, because Chanel has already promised herself to a demon.


The four of them went back to Chanel’s place. Her friends thought they could give Chanel some kind of protection if the demon appeared.

They hadn’t been there long when a knock on the door just before midnight made them all jump. They kept silent and waited. Then heard someone calling.

“Chanel……,” Leon’s cold voice enveloped the whole place.

They all got scared but Chanel started weeping. Leon must really love her for him to come back and be with her, and she loves him too.

Chanel didn’t realise that she was walking towards the door in a trance. Mandy and Lee try to pull her back, but all she can do is walk towards the source of Leon’s voice that was still calling her. Mandy and Lee are powerless, because it seems Chanel has gained some new supernatural strength, as she just brushes them aside, as if they were made of straw.

Chanel opened the door, and saw the ‘real’ Leon standing there. He was white and pale, and his body was in a decaying state. He smelt of a rotting corpse, so Ciara and Mandy became violently sick. But none of this affected Chanel, as she seemed hypnotized and in a trance.

“Chanel don’t please. He’s not Leon anymore!” Mandy shouted when they saw that Chanel was reaching out her hand to Leon.

“Girl wake up!! I promise to lend you all my signature bags, just don’t let that evil thing take hold of you,” Lee shouted and pleaded with Chanel.

But Chanel had already made up her mind. She had lost her will to live without Leon. If Leon leaves her again, she doesn’t know what she’ll do anymore. Chanel’s obsessive love for Leon had made her blind to what is right. Chanel took hold of Leon’s hand; she heard her friends wailing – they tried to pull her back – but it’s too late. Leon led Chanel towards the condo’s balcony. She chose the wrong way – she couldn’t face the fear that Leon would leave her alone for good.

Chanel’s excessive love for Leon had brought her to this sorry point in her life. Too much love can lead us to do wrong, so we end up on the dark side. Most of us are too scared to be alone and face our fears on our own – that’s why most of us choose the easiest way.

Know the person before giving them your full trust, and know what they’re capable of doing. Never ever promise your life to anybody – life belongs only to God.




[1] A pair of women’s undies that are just a string (not thong) in the back, the strings makes a “T”.

[1] This is a true story told to M. Maharlika by Chanel and Mandy.   

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