by Jane L. Candle[1]

[1] This is the story of Kathy and how she met John. It’s a true story, but some of the names have been changed to protect the people in the story, mainly the names of the women. Thus, Anna and Kathy (same person) are fictitious names, but the character John uses his real name. The author Jane L. Candle is a close friend of the character in the story, Professor John McClean. The author was given the assignment of being Professor John McClean’s amanuensis.[1] This is the story of Kathy and how she met John. It’s a true story, but some of the names have been changed to protect the people in the story, mainly the names of the women. Thus, Anna and Kathy (same person) are fictitious names, but the character John uses his real name. The author Jane L. Candle is a close friend of the character in the story, Professor John McClean. The author was given the assignment of being Professor John McClean’s amanuensis.undefined[1] This is the story of Kathy and how she met John. It’s a true story, but some of the names have been changed to protect the people in the story, mainly the names of the women. Thus, Anna and Kathy (same person) are fictitious names, but the character John uses his real name. The author Jane L. Candle is a close friend of the character in the story, Professor John McClean. The author was given the assignment of being Professor John McClean’s amanuensis.[1] This is the story of Kathy and how she met John. It’s a true story, but some of the names have been changed to protect the people in the story, mainly the names of the women. Thus, Anna and Kathy (same person) are fictitious names, but the character John uses his real name. The author Jane L. Candle is a close friend of the character in the story, Professor John McClean. The author was given the assignment of being Professor John McClean’s amanuensis.

Anna grew up in the Compostela Valley, a little backwater community in the Davao Region on the southern end of the Philippines Archipelago.[1]

 A simple but hardworking girl, pretty and slender, she inherited a cute, moon-shaped face and a pointed nose from her late father. She already started earning a living at a very young age. Her mother always treated her badly, so to help herself and her young brother, Ahron, she tried to earn money in some small ways.

Banana que! Banana que[2]!” Anna called out, selling caramelized banana on a stick.

“Is that tasty? How much each?” A neighbour asked her while checking her banana que, which she had on a tray.

“Only 5 pesos, mang[3] Freddie,” Anna kindly answered.

Anna has been selling banana que after school hours. She’s helping herself to pay for studies, because her own mother, Aling[1] Fe, doesn’t really care about her.

Anna had finished selling the banana que and was on her way home.

Arriving home, she opted not to go in right away. Standing in their front yard, her eyes carefully scanned the two-floor wooden house that was her home. Heaving a worried sigh, she reluctantly went in. Immediately greeting her was the sight of her stepfather Oscar who was sporting a basketball jersey and faded jeans. This comfortable outfit put his muscular arms in full display, making him look much younger than his forty-two years.

“Good evening, Uncle Oscar,” she greeted her stepfather.

He just stared at her blankly and said calling to Anna’s mother, “Fe, Anna is here,” and then went outside.

As Anna turned, she saw her mother standing at the kitchen door glaring angrily at her. Fond of wearing skimpy mini-skirts even at her thirty-nine years of age, Fe was testy and annoyingly self-important. She liked to badmouth Anna and was known to be vain about her looks. Fe was holding a dress. Anna started to greet her, “Good ev…,” Anna wasn’t able to finish. Her mother threw the dress at her.

“What did you do to that?” she said pointing at the dress that Anna was now holding. “Look at it? Why is there a stain there?” she asked angrily as she closed in on Anna.

Anna wasn’t able to answer. She was afraid of her mother. She wasn’t sure what to say.

“Well then?!” Fe spat at Anna their faces nearly touching.

“Er, I didn’t know it’d get stained by the colours of the other clothes,” she said trembling.

“You didn’t know! Are you stupid?” She shouted while pinching Anna hard.

Anna squirmed. “Ouch mom. That hurts. I’m really sorry. That’s enough, mom,” pleaded Anna to her mother.

“Hurts, huh? I’ll show you what hurt is!” She started slapping Anna with the flat of her hand, while Anna crouched down and tried to protect herself by holding her skinny arms around her head.

“It’s because you don’t mind what you’re doing! Do you know how much I paid for that dress!? And what do you do? Ruin it! Oh my God, Anna, ever since you were born you’ve never done anything right by me!” She continued her rant, punctuating each accusation with a painful blow. 

“I’m so sorry, nanay[2]. I didn’t mean to do it,” Anna apologized in tears. “Please forgive me, mom,” Anna begged her mother.

“Why should I forgive you?” She was about to escalate the beating with the help of a belt that lay near at hand, when someone from outside the house called to her.

“Fe? Fe?” It was Anna’s aunt shouting her mother’s name.

“What is it Até Daisy[1]?” Fe asked her elder sister who came into the kitchen. Daisy was Anna’s kind-hearted aunt, Fe’s older sister who lived some way from Anna’s house.

“What’s happening Fe? I could hear your voice all the way outside. What’s Anna done now?” Daisy asked Fe.

“That Anna! Look what she’s done to my dress! It’s ruined – there’s such a stain on it now. I’m attending a christening tomorrow. What am I going to wear now that she’s ruined my dress!” snapped Fe furiously, now too busy squawking at her sister to keep hitting Anna.

Daisy approached Anna, who was now crouched in a corner, and bending down to her asked her in a serious but subdued voice, “Is it true, Anna?”

“I didn’t mean to stain mom’s clothes, Auntie,” Anna whimpered to her aunt.

“Huh! Now you want your aunt to pity you,” taunted Fe. She raised her hand to slap Anna again, but Daisy stopped her.

“Enough, Fe. She didn’t do it on purpose,” said Daisy in Anna’s defence.

“Até Daisy, don’t side with Anna. That’s the reason she’s so spoiled in the first place, because everyone feels sorry for her!”

“I’m not siding with Anna, Fe. I’m just saying that she didn’t do it on purpose,” Daisy explained to her younger sister.

“Anyway, let’s go to my house. You can borrow one of my dresses. After all, we’re the same size. Come on.” said Daisy trying to calm down her younger sister.

“You’re lucky your aunt is going to lend me a dress. Otherwise, I just don’t know what I might be capable of doing to you…” Fe threatened. 

The two stepped out of the house. No longer able to hold her tears back, Anna, who was then slumped beside the door, wept profusely.

Anna cried miserably. She felt really sick about how her mother could willingly inflict her with so much pain. She’s had enough. While her mother was hurting Anna so badly, she was already planning in her mind to pack her things and run away from all the pain.

Anna can’t take it anymore – how her own mother treats her. She decided to pack her things with a heavy heart, and get out of this hell-hole called home. Even if it breaks her heart that she’s going to leave her young brother Ahron at the mercy of her uncaring and abusive mother. But Anna needs to get away. She’s only sixteen, but decides to leave in the early morning before her mother wakes up.

It was a Wednesday morning at four o’clock. She silently closed her bedroom door, she left a note for her mother on the kitchen table, and a note for her little brother next to his bed. Quietly opening the door out on to the street, she is finally free from her childhood life that was a purgatory. Her mother said she had given her life for her, but she had given nothing at all except pain. She’s leaving home, after living without love for so many years – bye, bye. Something inside, that was always denied, for so many years. She only had a small suitcase, hardly bigger than a matchbox. She wondered would it hold all her clothes? She didn’t have so many, but she has a long way to go. She’s just a poor girl travelling a long way from home.

“Guess I’ll never be happy, everything I do is wrong,” she thought.

She has no idea what she will do when she gets to where she is going. She’s still a young girl and knows nothing of the world out there.


Clutching her small suitcase, she headed off not knowing where she was going. She left home with a grudge against her mother, but with a hope of making a better future life for herself and her brother. She boarded a bus at the terminal, clueless as to where she was heading. The bus rumbled along passing quickly by the blinking lights of the town. But Anna was oblivious of her surroundings, and huddled up on the back seat of the bus for hours absorbed in thoughts.

Before long, she found herself standing at a shipping dock. She boarded a ferry bound for Manila. The ferry journey was long and arduous, and the sea was choppy, but finally she arrived at the Manila port.

She disembarked from the boat carrying her small suitcase. Of course, there was no one to meet her there. So she just aimlessly walked along the streets.

Right there she told herself that this would be her new beginning. She gazed around her while walking along. Smoggy, noisy, chaotic, overcrowded. That was the old city of Manila. Quite different from the place where she came from. Nonetheless, she was enthralled by the towering buildings, and the sheer number of vehicles that prowled the streets. Though intimidated, she had to be resolute. She had to get along well with the people that she’d meet. She surveyed the seemingly endless criss-cross roads of Manila, booming with noisy jeepneys, impatient taxis sounding their horns, tricycles, buses and trucks. When she got tired, she looked for some shade to give her protection from the merciless rays of the hot Manila sun. Eventually, she came across a carinderia[1], a typical roadside eatery. So, she went in to have a rest. It was then she felt the pang of hunger. The eatery was not that large but it was well-kept and the food they served looked pretty tasty. When she saw some leftovers from a previous diner, she begged the owner to let her have them. The owner stared down at her first, and then handed it to her.

She grabbed the food eagerly. Soon, the owner of the diner started speaking to her.

“You look like you’re not from here,” she asked Anna.

Anna washed down the food she was eating with a quick gulp of water before she answered.

“Yes, I just arrived from my province[2].”

“Poor girl. Did you run away from home?” she asked.

Anna stopped short from putting the food into her mouth. The woman was looking her over. Anna thought about what she should tell people who inquire about why she left home. The woman noticed she was lost in her thoughts. So, the woman asked more questions.

“Where are you going to live here? Do you have relatives here in Manila?”

Anna gloomily stared down and shook her head.

“What?!” the owner said in astonishment. “Don’t you know it’s dangerous here in Manila? There’s crazy people and swindlers and scammers all over the place,” she persisted.

At first, Anna did not say anything. Shortly, she began to speak. “I ran away from home,” she confessed. She gazed at the woman and showed her the bruise on her arm. “My mother beat me,” she explained, tears rolling down her cheeks.

The owner of the eatery was touched by Anna’s story.

“If you like, you can work here in the carinderia so that you have a place to stay here in Manila,” she offered. “I need someone to help make the food, serve it and wash up. It’s hard work though and doesn’t pay much.”

“Really?!” Anna asked excitedly.

The woman nodded.

Anna hugged the woman gratefully.

“By the way, what’s your name?” as she stepped back to look Anna in the face. “We’ve been talking for a while and yet we don’t know each other’s names,” the woman said.

“Oh, my name is Anna,” she said.

“I’m Esther. Just call me tita[3] Esther.”

Esther is the owner of the eatery, a spinster who looked strict at first glance, but who actually had a heart of gold.

“Thank you very much, Auntie Esther,” Anna said tearfully.

“Ok, gather your things and bring them inside. They might get stolen out there,” Esther told Anna. She carried her small suitcase into a room of the carinderia, Cheeny Roasters.

Quite a contrast with Anna’s mother. Esther was still single and about 30 years old. She had gone to culinary school and had decided to start a small restaurant. It took Anna some time to adjust to working with the other employees at the carinderia, but, before long, she was getting along well with them. Anna felt close to Esther. They treated each other like mother and daughter.


Anna had already started to look at Esther as her ‘mother’ – and Esther was only happy that she had found a ‘daughter’. Her tita Esther was kind and caring, which contrasted to her real mother. She had never known what motherly love was, as her own mother had just used her as a whipping girl. Esther treated Anna like her own child, as this was something she missed in her own life, as she had never had any children of her own. They developed a strong bond for each other – that of a real mother and daughter. Anna became the daughter Esther had never had.  

“You can rest, Anna. You’ve been working the whole day. Relax a little bit,” Esther said, when she noticed Anna looked tired.

“It’s okay, tita Esther, I’m not that tired – I can still help you with the customers. I need the tips they might give me, as I’ve been saving to study in university,” she said. 

“You’re such a smart girl. Maybe I can help you enrol in the university, if that’s what you want to do?”

Esther’s offer warmed Anna’s heart, and she became quite enthused.

“For real, tita Esther?” Anna said joyfully.

“Yes I can help you. I know you’ve been wanting to study, and I can see you have potential and you’re “family” already,” Esther said kindly. 

“Thank you, tita Esther. You’re the mother that I never had, thank you for coming into my life,” Anna said in tears.


Anna successfully enrolled in the University of the Philippines with the help of Esther. The University of the Philippines, Manila (UPM), is a state-funded medical university located in Ermita, Manila. Anna was enrolled on a health science programme, and hoped to graduate as a health professional and seek employment abroad. Anna had a conflict of conscience about her decision. The fact was that Filipinos couldn’t expect a satisfactory health care in their own country, while Filipino nurses contributed to good health care in other countries.[4]

Anna was still working in the carinderia, so she had a hard life combining working and studying. But her dream urged her on and gave her strength. 

She missed her younger brother, Ahron, so she cried every night before she fell asleep.  Even the idea of leaving her brother had broken her heart, but she still needed to be strong, if she was to achieve her goal – and maybe when she had achieved something, she could go back home and help her brother. 


Time flew by and Anna was already on her 2nd year of college; her days became more hectic, combining work and school. Esther still helped her and tried to ease her burden.

“What are you doing, Lisa?” Anna asked when she noticed that her co-worker in the carinderia was busy in front of her computer.

“I’m just looking at my account on Facebook,” Lisa answered.

This story takes place some years ago – some years after the turn of the millennium – but Anna was a simple girl from the province, so unbelievably she asked, “Facebook? What’s that?”

“You don’t have a Facebook account?” Lisa asked while still focusing on her computer.

“No. I don’t know what it is,” Anna answered.

“Ok. Let me make you one, you can add your old classmates or friends and talk to them,” Lisa explained, brightening up Anna’s mood.

“Really? That’s nice! Maybe I can add friends? And my brother?” Anna exclaimed.

“Yes, if they have an account. Let me make your own account, so you can add people you know and communicate with them,” Lisa said.

Anna became excited at the opportunity of being able to ‘chat’ with her younger brother at last.

Anna was able to chat and see Ahron on Facebook. They were both crying, filling in their lost years (of course, she had also called him before, but this felt like they were more in contact). Anna continued working at the carinderia and studying at the same time.


“Why didn’t you tell me?” Anna cried, when Esther told her that she had an incurable illness – cancer of the breast that had seeped through her whole body.[i] She said she didn’t have long left in this world, and had to stay in the hospital to receive treatment and so she could be given drugs for pain treatment.   

“I wanted you to focus on your studies that’s why I kept my illness a secret,” Esther explained.

Anna had been struggling when Esther died, because she’s been managing the carinderia and studying at the same time. She’s already on her third year in college when the carinderia needs her more and more, and at this moment she’s decided she needed to stop studying for the time being.


Ate[5], nanay is sick – she has tuberculosis.[ii] She’s been asking to see you, but she’s just too worried to talk to you,” Ahron informed Anna on the phone.

Anna still had painful memories of her mother. She can still remember all those years of beatings, when she suffered under her mother’s sadistic regime.

Nanay is asking about you a lot. She’s just too afraid to talk to you. Maybe you can give her one more chance, ate? Despite everything, she’s still your mother,” Ahron said to Anna.

Ahron arranged that their mother could talk to Anna on the phone.

“I’m so sorry, anak[6]. I know that I’ve never been a good mother to you. I repent for all the bad things I did to you; I hope you can forgive me; let me be a good mother to you just once, even if it’s a bit late,” Anna’s mother begged, in tears and weak because of her illness.

“I already forgave you a long time ago. Even if the days, months and years with you gave me suffering, the fact that you’re my mother and you’re the one that brought me into this world are enough for me to forgive you, and claim you as my mother again,” Anna said in tears that also made her mother cry more.

Her mother’s situation gave Anna more reason to focus on working and stop studying, so she could earn more money to take care of her sick mother. 


“Why have you stopped studying? Tita Esther wouldn’t have liked that,” Lisa said to Anna, when she told her that she was just going to focus on managing the carinderia.

“My brother is going to school, and my mother is sick. I need to focus on making money,” Anna replied.

“If that’s what you want then do it. But if you need anything – I’m always here,” Lisa said sympathetically. 

Even Anna is not satisfied with her own decision, but that’s what she needs to do. Her family needs her first. Even if it will cost her own dream, she’s still going to fulfil her familial obligations and prioritize her family above anything else.


The carinderia did good business until tita Esther’s sister, Esmeralda, took over the running of operations. She’s very different from Esther; Esmeralda is a very strict and nagging person. She soon fired both Anna and Lisa without giving any reason – but they couldn’t argue, since Esmeralda had now taken over the ownership.[7] 

Anna felt helpless; it’s very hard to look for another job, especially when she hasn’t finished her studies.


Anna felt lonely now with no job, but was more worried about her family than herself, so she called her little brother on the phone.

“Do I have to stop going to school as well ate?” Ahron asked Anna, when she told him that she had lost her job.

“No. I’ll find a new job soon – so no need to stop studying,” Anna said to reassure her little brother.


She tried to look for a job online. She’s been searching, but mostly they’re looking for college graduates. She was already logging out when something popped up on the website – and when she read it, she figured out that it was a dating site, called AsianLove.com She became curious so she clicked it.

The dating site seemed to have a good testimony and credentials, so she decided to sign in, and try her luck there. A friend of hers told her that many men didn’t like old hustlers who displayed their boobs and asses in their profiles, but preferred unsullied, innocent schoolgirls. So Kathy posted some “schoolgirl” pictures – wearing a Japanese schoolgirl uniform, which Lisa had told her where to buy in MOA (Mall of Asia). It seems many Japanese and Korean men liked “schoolgirls”. Many of the girls on AsianLove.com posted photos of themselves wearing Filipina school uniforms – but these weren’t as “sexy” as the Japanese uniform – so Kathy would be ahead of the game was the advice Lisa had given her. Lisa was older and more experienced in matters concerning the opposite sex.  



She has been so busy working and studying, she hadn’t had time to think about any kind of private life. And she never met any men or boys, except some rude men at the carinderia that pinched her ass, saying she could earn a big tip if she met them after work. These were usually unsavoury types, such as plump middle-aged taxi drivers, and the like. In other words, married men with their own families looking for some cheap entertainment from a young girl to alleviate the droll existence of their everyday family lives. So it was hardly the case that she was Cinderella the Princess, and she would meet a Knight in Shining Armour who would sweep her off her feet to live in a Golden Palace. No, it was more a question of greasy men wanting greasy short-time fun in their greasy smelly cars before returning home to their bawling kids and their nagging wives. So Anna was just an innocent girl, but the rude approaches by men in the carinderia had taught her that the opposite sex were not always the gallant lovers of Filipino telenovas.[1] Consequently, she wasn’t impressed by the typical Filipino male. Often married, and wanting a cheap mistress on the side – or single, but running away when girls became pregnant, which Lisa had informed her was the fate of many of her girlfriends.[2]

Anna had been lucky and managed to find a job in a small shop not far from the carinderia in Malate. It didn’t pay much, but she was happy to have the job, because the money she had earned at Cheeny Roasters was soon all used up. 


“Tomorrow you need to come earlier, okay?!” Anna’s boss reminded her at closing time.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Anna just said.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” Anna apologized, when she accidentally bumped in to one of the store racks, so that some of the products crashed to the floor.

“Sorry?! Keep to your place, you stupid, silly girl!” Her boss yelled at her.

Anna didn’t understand why her boss was always getting mad and blaming her for everything. But she can’t complain, because she didn’t want to be fired again, so she just acted meekly. 

Anna still had a ‘Cinderella dream’. She was no more than a poorly paid servant girl that anybody was free to abuse if they wanted to. But soon her prince would ride up on his white stallion and whisk her away from such penury.

“Some day, I will be more successful. I will find my own prince that will take me away from this poverty that has been dragging me down,” Anna said to herself.

Anna headed back to her dormitory room, which she had rented after losing her job at Cheeney Roasters. But she dropped by in a computer shop nearby before going back to her dorm. She had become engrossed in the dating site. She became especially interested in foreigners. Some of her girlfriends had told her about how some Filipina girls had met rich Americans, and got married – and how they had bought them a house and provided for their whole family.[1]   A young girl out of desperation often clings to the idea of such stories. When their lives, and their families, are just one step away from ending up on the street among the millions of homeless and destitute, young girls will often cling to such dreams.[2] So Anna started to think that a foreigner could be a stepping stone to a better future. Anna hoped that she might find her “saviour” on one of these dating sites.

She checked her account on AsianLove.com, hoping she could find a good man that would fulfil her needs.

She had been searching on the dating site for a long time, and even met and dated a few men, but she hadn’t found the right one yet. But then a certain “white”[3] guy took her interest.

“Oh! He looks well-to-do and decent,” Anna thought to herself while looking at the profile of the “white” guy that she’s been chatting to for days.

The “white” guy was named John, and asked Anna if they could meet face-to-face somewhere in Malate, Manila. John told Anna that he had been in the Philippines a couple of times before, and now he had come back again. In fact, Anna had now started calling herself Kathy. So John got to know her as Kathy, although her real name was Anna. He stayed in the Pan Pacific in Malate and Anna knew that this was a 5-star hotel, so hoped that John was sophisticated, rich and a gentleman that could take care of her forever. 

“Should I meet him?” Anna thought to herself, when John asked her if they could meet face-to-face in Robinson’s Place, in Pedro Gil, Malate, Manila.

John was much older than her, but like many other girls on the dating website she said “age doesn’t matter”. In fact, many young Filipina girls didn’t want to meet young men who they thought were irresponsible and only interested in sex – and also poor! So, on their profile they sometimes wrote: “want to meet men between 70-90 years old. Despite being a well-matured man, John was still attractive. Girls and women of all ages would cast interested glances at him, when he was walking along the street or in the shopping malls.      

Anna wanted a durable relationship, even if it was with someone who had lived a long life already.

John’s profile on the website showed a man with caring and gentle looks, which attracted Anna – so she decided to meet him. They agreed to meet each other in Starbucks in Robinson’s Place, Pedro Gil, Malate.

There was some confusion about the actual time of the meeting and what Anna was wearing – because Anna was too shy to actually sit in Starbucks (neither did she have the money), and she didn’t want to hang around outside Starbucks because of all the freelancers there.[4] So she actually “hid” behind a large hoarding inside the mall, so that John couldn’t find her before he had sent her countless messages. 

Nevertheless, they finally met. “Hi Kathy! I’m John, Professor John McClean. It’s nice to finally meet you. You look stunning, dear!” John said, when he met Kathy (Anna) face to face.

“Thank you, John. I’m Kathy, It’s nice to meet you too,” Anna said.

This was the start of Anna’s escapades with John, when she became someone else – she was no longer the demure, vulnerable and insecure, childish Anna, but became an assertive and attractive sexual young woman called Kathy. She underwent a metamorphosis. And John was the catalyst that helped her change from the larva that was Anna, to the butterfly that became Kathy. John fell in love straightaway with this child-girl-woman, and became totally entranced by her.


John and Kathy get along well. John asked her if Kathy was her real name – she said her real name was Anna, but she wanted to use her web-dating site name Kathy. She tried to explain this by saying she wanted to distance herself from her painful childhood when she was “Anna”; she had now become Kathy; Kathy was her new “fun” name for her new “fun” life – which she had never had before. Her mother had been so strict that she never really had a proper childhood. She was hoping she could finally become a child with John – that he would spoil her in every way and let her be the child she could never be with her mother. Perhaps John could show her some “fun”. But Kathy also wanted a serious relationship – so it was a complicated set-up. Kathy wanted John to be the father/uncle/friend she never had, but also a husband that could take care of the serious issues in life. Was John the man that could answer all these girlish-womanish demands? 


They were still sitting in Starbucks chatting. “You look very uncomfortable. Are you ok?” John Asked Kathy when he noticed her uneasiness.

“Ah yes. I’m just a bit shy,” Kathy said.

She’s very nervous. John is much older than her. But Kathy certainly sees John as her stepping stone for the things she’s aiming for. If John will be her partner, then perhaps she can fulfil her family needs.

Kathy is quite shy – but it was her shyness that John loved the most. She was only a young girl, but her appearance and behaviour were that of a fresh country girl from the provinces, despite the fact that life had been hard to her. John is very gentle and treated her like a fragile piece of porcelain.

After sitting in Starbucks, they went to Fridays and had some dinner, which is also in the same mall. After having dinner, John said he would like to take her shopping, if there was anything she wanted. Kathy replied perhaps if John didn’t mind he could buy her a phone, as she had borrowed the phone she was using; and she needed a phone to keep in touch with him, she said. And also her little brother needed some school things which she couldn’t afford.

John bought her a Sony Xperia with a good selfie camera. On saying goodbye, he gave her a few thousand pesos for her transport and other small needs, and said he hoped he could see her again soon.


Kathy was impressed by John. He was handsome – tall and slim with brown hair and delicate features. Good fun and generous – not like anyone she had met before. He wasn’t a young man, but still had good looks. He was intelligent and sympathetic. He wasn’t “rude” like a lot of the men on the dating site, and the Filipino men who had accosted her in the carinderia; he didn’t mention sex, or try to grope her – or make rude propositions. This was reassuring, but Kathy was worried he wasn’t really interested in her. This idea was quickly shown to be wrong when he messaged her the next day – with a proposition that wasn’t perhaps “rude”, but straight to the point: “Hi Kathy – this is John – I really loved meeting you yesterday – I hope we can continue meeting each other. I’m staying at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Malate – how would you like to relax for a few days by the pool? I’m sorry about the fact you had to stop studying. Why don’t you let me loan you some money, so you can continue your studies, and also loan you the money you need for a laptop. By the way, can you send me some pictures on Skype? Don’t send me rude photos like some other girls do. Can you send me some innocent and sexy photos?”

Kathy didn’t even have a Skype address, so she asked her friend Lisa how to make one. Kathy was still a young and innocent virgin, so she didn’t know what John meant by “innocent and sexy” photos. But she was willing to do almost anything to meet him as he seemed such a gentleman. She asked Lisa about the photos.

Lisa explained, “Men like to look at photos – they want to look at the goods before they purchase them to put it crudely. But at least he isn’t a rude pervert and isn’t asking you to send him dirty photos.”

Kathy didn’t even know what “dirty” photos were.

“Just send him some nice sexy photos wearing your school uniform. I can take photos of you. You have such a slim and nice body, I would love to help you.”

Kathy felt embarrassed by this suggestion, but decided to agree. They decided to meet in Lisa’s dormitory room, so she could take the pictures.

“We want to make you look sexy – but you’re still a virgin, so we don’t want the photos to be too rude. But you can show him how beautiful you are under your clothes. He won’t dare not to meet you, if we show him that you are a young and exquisite Filipina beauty.”

Lisa explained why she should post the photos on Skype.

“If you want to catch a big fish, you have to use some tasty bait. Men can’t resist such innocence as you have in your possession.”

“Post the photos on Skype, but remember to say that you’re very embarrassed about it,” said Lisa giving Kathy advice.

They had spent a lot of time taking the photos, and it was now too late for Kathy to go back to her own dormitory room.

“Why don’t you stay here – it’s a narrow bed, but we’re good friends,” Lisa offered.

It was too dangerous for a young girl to be wandering the streets so Kathy gladly accepted. 


 Although Kathy had bared her breasts and her core of innocence to Lisa when she took photos, she now felt shy at getting undressed in front of her friend to get ready for bed.

Lisa saw that Kathy was shy and offered to help her. So Lisa helped Kathy pull off her skin-tight jeans and unfasten her brassiere.

Kathy blushed as she sat there naked on the side of the bed. So she hurriedly got under the bedclothes out of sight.

Lisa laughed at her friend’s shyness. Lisa was about ten years older than Kathy who was still in her teens. At least Lisa said she was in her twenties, but perhaps in reality she could add a good ten years.   

They hadn’t been lying long together in bed before Lisa embraced and kissed Kathy with much eagerness. Kathy felt this was odd, but decided it was done out of some kind of kindness. It is perhaps the way friends behave in the city, unlike the provinces, thought Kathy.

Kathy didn’t want to appear unfriendly, and returned Lisa’s kisses and embraces in the innocent manner of a child.

Lisa became encouraged by Kathy’s response, so her hands began to wander freely about Kathy’s body, touching and squeezing.

Kathy was surprised by this, but not so much alarmed, as she felt a pleasant warm feeling rising in her.

Lisa started to praise Kathy, saying she had never had such a delightful pretty and innocent friend before – and that she hoped they could be soul companions for ever throughout their lives.

Kathy was enamoured by such compliments, and became completely passive, wanting to follow Lisa’s lead.

So she didn’t resist Lisa taking hold of her hands and placing them on her full womanly breasts. Her ample breasts were pleasant to touch. In fact, Kathy was envious of her womanly breasts, as she only had the breasts of a childish-girl – mere tangerines, compared to Lisa’s sizeable melons. Kathy thought that with the possession of such ornaments, Lisa was a real woman – and she couldn’t understand why any man might prefer her boyish figure to that of a fully developed woman such as Lisa.

Kathy lay there passive in the bed, while her older friend explored her body, touching every part of her.

At first, Kathy had felt these were just the embraces of a friend – but she suddenly felt a fire rise in the whole of her body, feelings she had never felt before.

Kathy’s breasts, which were small, but very firm – two small rising hillocks that had just begun to show themselves, became the focus of Lisa’s wandering fingertips. The same fingertips wandered lower to the soft silky down that had only appeared not long ago. Kathy had been completely unaware of this core of her girlishness, until Lisa’s fingers began to twine themselves in the young tendrils of that moss.

Lisa was not content with such superficial touchings of the delicate parts of Kathy’s body, but started to insert a finger inside her core. Kathy became incensed by the warm feelings and did not oppose her incursion. Kathy felt she should have jumped out of bed at this strange assault, but now her whole body had become enflamed with feelings she had never felt before.

Lisa’s lascivious touch lighted an unknown fire in Kathy’s body that had its centre in her virginal core. Lisa’s hands busied themselves feeling, squeezing, and compressing her nether lips, and then opening them again with her finger. Kathy emitted an utterance of pain – because the narrow passage of her virginal core refused entry.

But Kathy was by no means offended by Lisa’s incursions – in fact, her limbs were relaxed, and her sighs welcomed Lisa to make further endeavours.

Thus, so encouraged, Lisa showered Kathy with kisses, and exclaimed, “you are such a charming creature! John will be a very happy man when he makes a woman of you. Oh! I wish I were him.”

Kathy welcomed the kisses, caresses and embraces of Lisa, and thought, can the other sex ever match these wonderful encroaches on my welcoming body?

Lisa was not content with kissing Kathy’s lips and breasts and wanted to kiss her nether lips. She directed Kathy to sit on the edge of the bed while she got out of bed and kneeling down proceeded to eat out Kathy’s virginal pussy.

Kathy was very confused – she had never felt such feelings before. Her feelings were so intense, she was unable to think straight anymore.

Kathy was now completely the willing victim of Lisa’s lust – because she felt the same lust too – although it was so new to her she didn’t know what it was.

So she let Lisa devour the core of her girlishness.

After Lisa had dwelt at Kathy’s virginal flower tasting its delights – she got back under the bedclothes again with Kathy.  

Lisa took Kathy’s hand and led it to her own luxurious growth between her thighs. She then led her fingers into her womanly cavity which easily received them. She moved to and fro with rapid movements. Kathy’s hand became wet and clammy covered in Lisa’s vaginal juices. Lisa emitted numerous sighs as if she had reached some kind of completion. Lisa drew the bedclothes over them again.

Kathy wasn’t sure what had happened to her – but it seemed her meeting with John to offer him her virginity would not be so difficult now her body had first become enflamed by someone of her own sex.


In the morning, when Kathy and Lisa awoke, it was if the night before hadn’t happened. They didn’t mention it. But they hugged each other as sisters, before they both left to take care of their daily activities. Lisa had to find a new job, and Kathy had to think about meeting John.

Kathy understood that John was a “gentleman”. Although his message was thinly disguised – he was really interested in her – and perhaps their age differences suggested to John that he needed to give ‘something more’ to a relationship than just a smile, good humour, and elegant looks. It was this ‘something more’ that attracted Kathy. She had received so little love in her life, she thought now was the time to receive some sugar-coated love. Maybe I don’t have to worry ‘bout money anymore,’ she thought.

Kathy had to decide. Did she want to go to the hotel and give her virginity to this older foreigner or not? He hadn’t mentioned sex, but according to Lisa her friend this was obviously implied. She had no experience with sex – and was still a virgin. She wasn’t sure that John was sincere, but at least he had already promised her a lot and seemed to be gentle. So Kathy decided to take a chance – life had given her so little so far – so she was used to disappointments. So she messaged him back, “I can come to the hotel – I hope you can buy the laptop you promised me and give me something for my family’s needs.”

John replied, “Of course, just tell me what you want – you know I really like you a lot already!”

With this reply, Kathy decided to give her virginity to John. Kathy was still very young and innocent, despite her sexual experience with her friend Lisa. She was certainly still a virgin, as Lisa’s fingers had only carefully probed her.

John had met Kathy at Robinson’s again, and then they had gone back to his hotel, the Pan Pacific, in Adriatico Street, just 5 minutes’ walk from Robinson’s. They had gone in the back entrance as John wanted to avoid the stare of the concierge in the main entrance.

They were finally in the hotel room. “Just sit down and relax – maybe we should call room service and get some food.”

John was dazzled by Kathy’s virginal childish looks. She looked like a Filipina Lolita-virgin. Her body was as if it was made from skinny bamboo sticks. This had a great aphrodisiac effect on John – as well as her innocent virgin-girl-like ways.

John ‘woke up’ from his reverie of devouring her young-girl body with his eyes and asked her, “would you like some red wine”? As he had purchased a few bottles of Australian Yellow Tail, Merlot, in Robinson’s Place. John glanced at Kathy, but saw that she was just sitting quietly on the bed.

“No. I’m okay,” Kathy smiled and kindly declined.

John went over to Kathy and sat near her. He couldn’t fathom how he had met such a young beauty from the provinces – he must be blessed by God he thought. She was such a child-like virginal flower waiting to be plucked and savoured by John.

John didn’t waste time seducing her. She hadn’t told him she was a virgin. He went down on his knees in front of her while she was sitting on the couch. She was wearing a short skirt, so it was easy for John to lift it up, pull her panties to one side, and insert his tongue into her vagina, although they hadn’t been in the hotel room more than two minutes. He savoured the taste there – the sweet and sharp taste of a young girl.

Kathy had already made up her mind to “give her virginity” to John, but she was surprised at his approach – this wasn’t something she had seen at the movies. But she didn’t mind, because she didn’t have to do anything except relax and give way to John when he pushed her legs apart. She didn’t feel very aroused like when she was with Lisa, but thought that might come later.

John stroked Kathy’s breasts. Her breasts were so finely moulded he thought! Small, round and firm, and such an excellent colour – the colour of a sandy beach. He focused his eyes on the crowning beauty – her nipples – which had become erect – expecting his tongue – which he willingly offered.

She was a fresh girl out of the provinces, a mere child, her breasts were firm and delightful to touch. Unknown to John they had never been touched by a male hand before (although recently they had been made love to by Lisa’s fingertips, lips and tongue). John proceeded downwards from her virginal breasts, as he went down on her to kiss her little girl’s trinket. Kathy closed her thighs, but John forced them apart with his hands and continued the invasion of her little fairy charm with his tongue.

Kathy lay naked on the bed, while John devoured her with his eyes. Little did he know that her pussy was still virginal unploughed territory.

Kathy was very shy – but John demanded that she remove the bedclothes and reveal her naked body for his hungry eyes. She reluctantly acquiesced.

Perhaps she should have told him she was still a virgin and been given some kind of gift. But Kathy was a virgin in more sense than one so such a thought hadn’t entered her head. Little did she know that men love to mine for that thing which they want to destroy on finding it.

John became impatient – and unzipped his trousers to reveal the engine of his love assault. He attacked her defences with his stiff horn-hard gristle, battering against her tender part. But he was surprised that he was unable to push the whole of his member into her.

“Ouch!” Kathy complained.

John decided that it was due to the largeness of his member that he couldn’t penetrate her small girl pussy, so he pushed even harder.

Undeterred, John placed a pillow under Kathy’s small ass and attempted a new assault. He spread her thighs and inserted his sizeable machine inside her small slit. He deepened his penetration causing Kathy great pain. Kathy wanted to scream, but did not want to alarm John or the guests in the Pan Pacific. So she held in her breath. Her tender tract eventually gave way to the fierce tearing, rending and piercing of John’s large plenipotentiary instrument. The final merciless lunge produced effusions of virginal blood as he inserted his member up to the very hilt of her. Unable to control herself longer Kathy let out a scream like a Valkyrie.

Kathy’s thighs were covered with blood, which streamed out of her murdered virginity.

With all the blood everywhere, Kathy said, “a massacre has taken place.”

“What’s happened?” asked John.

“I’m not a virgin anymore – you’re my love for life now.”

“My God why didn’t you tell me, I would have been more careful.”

    Kathy got up to go to the bathroom – she had to wash away the blood.

“My God! You’re so beautiful,” exclaimed John on seeing Kathy’s skinny body, as she came out of the bathroom completely naked, massaging her right breast, and taking a selfie.

John couldn’t believe how desirable Kathy was. She was perhaps the most beautiful of the opposite sex he had ever set his eyes upon. Her forms exhibited an excellence that were unparalleled in John’s mind. She was delicacy incarnate – such was the delicacy of her small but exactly fashioned limbs. Her complexion was pale olive, but appeared to be fairer from the effect of two black eyes, the brilliance of which gave her face a lively vivacity. Her miniature features were a delight to behold, and would at the least provocation break out into such a sweet young girl smile.

Kathy was a shy girl in one sense, but like a child, she wasn’t ashamed of her nakedness. Her skinniness verged on anorexia. The not-so-young goat John fixed his eyes on the centre of her body – that tender cleft decorated by soft down – such a delightful trinket. He looked forward to entering such a small theatre of delight. All these visual delights were given completely free of charge to John by the young virgin Kathy. 

As mentioned, Kathy has the childish body of an unripe fruit. But John loved the sweet and sour taste of such fruit. The visage of Kathy’s fresh young body stimulated his organ, so it became erect with no other provocation.   

“Nu nu. Aym shy,” Kathy said while covering herself when she saw John was gazing at her young body.

“Remember modesty is the poison of pleasure,” the Professor of Pleasure instructed his willing student.

Kathy had read that sex was important in building a good relationship, so she wanted to please John.   

“You’re so beautiful, don’t be shy. Come here, let me taste you,” John said meekly, and made Kathy lie on the bed.

Kathy felt uncomfortable when John started touching her sensitive cleft of flesh – her miniature ruby. He spread her thighs to the utmost extension, so he could get a good view of her nether vermillion lips, before burying his tongue inside her. She had at first resisted, but gave in to John, as he forced her thighs apart to their widest extension. This revealed the agreeable interior red of the sides of her orifice.

“Relax. You will only like what I’m about to do to you,” Professor John said consoling his student Kathy who seemed unsure.

Kathy felt a little embarrassed, but felt obliged to obey her teacher, because she didn’t want to be a naughty student.

“Ooh mey ghad. Aahh!” Kathy started to moan when John showered her honey pot with kisses inserting his tongue inside her as far as it would go.

“Oooh! Aaaaah!” Kathy emitted loud moans and screams that bounced off the walls of the hotel room.

All of Kathy’s uncomfortable feeling and inhibitions vanished instantly, because of the violent warmth and sexual emotions that swarmed through her body. Kathy had hardly been kissed before, and now her body was in a drug-like ecstasy caused by John’s tongue and fingers playing with the virginal core of her.

John was eating out Kathy’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. “Uhhmm, Uhhmm!” Kathy’s sighs and moans filled the hotel room.  

So far John had just been using his long and agile tongue to pleasure Kathy. Tasting Kathy had engorged John’s cock. Her cunt was now wet and moist. He decided it was time to enter her.

Kathy was shocked when she saw the size of his erect machine, fearing that it might split her in half. He took hold of his weapon and guided it into her tender, welcoming sheath. He drew aside the lips of her slit, and thrust it inside her, but only about half way. He withdrew it again and wetted it with spit to ease the next penetration. This time he was able to ease it up to the hilt, and Kathy gave a deep sigh, tinged with an edge of pain. He started to thrust into her at a regular pace, and she, although a young virgin, responded by gyrating her tender cleft towards his thrusts.

“Oh! oh! I can’t bear it. It’s too much. I die. I’m going,” were Kathy’s expressions of ecstasy. John didn’t want to cum inside her, because he wanted to fuck her for several hours, and withheld his final emission. She was too beautiful to waste on a short-lived sexual embrace. He wanted to completely exhaust himself and her.


She’s already made up her mind that John can be her chosen and perfect one for a better future. Little does she know that John is the opposite of what she’s been looking for.

“Ooh shet. Aaahh!” Kathy screamed and moaned, while opening her legs widely and embracing John tightly, while John thrusted harder and harder into Kathy’s tiny wet cleft.  

John can’t believe how different Kathy is when enjoying sex. She seems so wild, unlike the young schoolgirl he first met in the shopping mall. She looks so young, innocent and timid, but now she looks like she’s addicted to sex.

Her heart beat hard, her body shook. She wants more kisses, swallowing John’s tongue. Her heart beats in double time, she seems to have a one track mind. She craves oblivion. She can’t get enough. She’s addicted to love.

John took his cock out of her pussy, as he didn’t want to cum inside her yet. But Kathy wasn’t satisfied, so she put her hands behind her knees and pulled her legs back and wide making her pussy open, inviting John to bury his face in her pussy.

John carried on using his tongue. He wanted to bring Kathy to a climax. So he reached over to the drawer of the bedside table and took out a small womanizer vibrator which he had placed there before Kathy arrived. Kathy soon reached a sweet death many times when John played with her pussy with his tongue and fingers and applied the vibrator at the same time.  

“Aaahhhh. Hmmmmm,” she moaned when she reached a climax for the first time. John was her slave now and just wanted to give her more pleasure.


Kathy and John spent days together shopping, going to the movies, dining out and having 24/7 sex. Kathy seems to like the fact that people are shocked when they walk hand-in-hand through the shopping mall. John is tall – and Filipinos probably think he’s American – although he’s Scottish. She’s small – so her face hardly reaches up to his chest, and he is considerably older than her. Although she’s eighteen years old, she still looks like a very young fresh girl, because of her diminutive stature, innocent childish looks, spindly legs and tiny breasts. She behaves like a young girl too – always laughing and cavorting around – with a smile nearly always on her face, and wide-eyed at the least provocation. But Filipinos are not too shocked by such sights, as they’ve seen it all before. Kathy pretends to be shy, as they are walking through the mall, but in reality, she is delighted – perhaps she has found a man who can love and protect her – and the foreign John is also evidence that she is a highly attractive girl.  

Kathy still feels a little uncomfortable though. But John is an entertaining character, making her feel attractive, and worshipping her, as if she was a goddess. When back in the hotel – at the least provocation, his mouth would devour her lips, and then savage her other nether lips down below, letting his quivering tongue linger there for a long time. When his tongue got tired, his stiff horn-hard machine would eternally ravage her tight passage, pumping interminably. 

Though Kathy was still unsure – could John give her the sort of life that she’s wanting for her and her family – not just fucking 24/7 in hotels, and eating out in restaurants and shopping in malls?

They were back in the hotel again – Pan Pacific. They had just returned from Robinson’s Place, Pedro Gil. They had barely been in the room five minutes, before John started to kiss her thighs as she lay on her stomach on the bed. Kathy thought she was just relaxing. But from John’s point of view, she was a ripe plum begging to be plucked and devoured whole.

“Darling i hab mey period. Is it posebel?” Kathy said moving her ass on the bed to one side.

They had been fucking non-stop, when all of a sudden her monthly misery came. But John seems so keen all the time, even the blood doesn’t bother him. Kathy thought that she could have a rest from sex with John when she had her period, but she was wrong.

“No worries. I want to fuck you,” John said. Despite being a well-matured man, he had thrice the stamina of a guy in his twenties. It was a mystery where his energy came from – but it was probably the sight, smell and touch of such a delicate young maiden such as Kathy.

John pushed her back on the bed, splayed her legs, and started to fuck her by violently thrusting into her, his member lubricated by the blood effusing from her vagina.  

Kathy just lay there, letting John massacre her cunt. She was a bit hesitant, because it was a little painful, and such a sticky feeling. John repeatedly nailed her with his hammer-like cock, so in the end Kathy couldn’t get enough.

“Ouch! It’s beri penpol. Too meni blood. Plis esluwli,” Kathy complained, when John fucked her bloody cunt like there was no tomorrow.

John’s cock was already very hard and big. In fact, Kathy became apprehensive on viewing the enormous machine, which was broader than her wrist, and twice the length of her hand. How could her small, tender part receive such a penetrating sharp weapon thought Kathy. She prepared herself for the pain she thought she must feel, at having his steel-like spear thrust into her soft and bloody tiny sheath.  

The sight of Kathy’s petite frame and childish, innocent looks doubled the size of John’s cock. When Kathy felt the pleasure of his cock, she started to thrust her fanny towards him. John fucked Kathy harder and faster, when he saw that she was liking it.


Kathy liked John’s personality, and loved fucking him, but she didn’t “love” him. She’s hoping John can give her a better life – she feels lucky that John fell for her. Of course, John is oblivious to this fact, and like many other men, he believes that girls and women can’t help but fall in love with him. Kathy is using her sex in the hope of getting a better life; she had given up on the idea of finding the “real love” of the Hollywood movies.

Kathy needed a break from all the fucking. She said, “I go CR darling.” When she returned, John saw her coming towards him – her thighs gyrated – between her upper thighs was a delightful slight tuft of black mossy hair – the adornment of young girls. He thought there’s no man in the world luckier than me at this moment, when he saw her diminutive frame. Although she had small young girl breasts, they were erect and proud, demanding any comparison. John felt he was in heaven when he saw her naked walking towards him.  

John was rationally and verbally intelligent, and artistically gifted, but his social intelligence was somewhere near zero; so in the love and relationship stakes, he could probably be outsmarted by any young girl. So he couldn’t help falling in love, oblivious of the real feelings of the object of his love – so like the song, he was not “wise”, because he couldn’t “help falling in love” with Kathy – he rushed in and seized her with both arms. However, although he felt his love was strong in the moment, it didn’t necessarily lead to the feeling – of “take my hand, take my whole life too”. First of all, he was on the last lap of life – it seemed a sin to commit himself to one woman who would outlast him by several decades anyway – it is hardly likely she would be faithful like Queen Victoria and wear black for several decades after the death of her husband – so why should he be faithful in life, when she wouldn’t be in death (there are no Victorias left in the world!). This was how John’s ‘rational’ logic combined with his exaggerated sexual drive reached a ‘conclusion’.  

Days together with John were a pure struggle for Kathy, especially because John likes to fuck all the time 24/7 – in the middle of the night – early in the morning – late at night – after breakfast – in the afternoon – just about any time – he kind of made a mockery of the old song “Sugartime” – “Sugar in the mornin’ – Sugar in the evenin’ – Sugar at suppertime.” But Kathy didn’t want to complain too much – she was scared that he might get disappointed.

John also managed eventually to get out of bed in the afternoon or early evening, after fucking and eating room service breakfast at the Pan Pacific. Then they went shopping – Kathy was impressed by all the shops, clubs and bars in Malate. But she also noticed that Filipina girls and women were proffering themselves everywhere – on the street – in the bars – inside and outside the shopping malls. She started to suspect that she was a mere diversion for John. 


When they went to Robinson’s shopping mall in Pedro Gil, Kathy saw Filipina women, who were dressed provocatively, approach elderly foreigners smiling. There were quite a few foreigners in Malate – Americans, Japanese, Koreans, Chinese and Europeans. When she asked John, he explained that they’re some kind of ‘companions’ that offer favours to foreigners. Manila is one big market – supply and demand – buy and sell – if you have something to sell you can make money, as there is little official control. It’s a ‘free’ market. Those who have nothing to sell will perish in this ‘free’ market economy.  

“Wat es shi selling?” Kathy asked curiously.

“She’s selling flesh – it’s a meat market,” John said jokingly. “The more tender the meat the higher the price. Old men like young fresh joints of lamb or chicken meat. Some men only want ‘innocent’ girls – virgins – unused. They are willing to pay a higher premium. They want to feast themselves on the pleasure of destroying a young girl’s innocence. But mostly these men are ‘cullies’ – that is fools and easily tricked – because the ‘innocent’ girls sell their virginity many times over.”

“Wat u saying John – I not unnerstand!? But ay cannot see enything,” Kathy said.

“I mean her own body. She’s a prostitute – selling sex to foreigners,” John explained. “If they find work in Jollibee or Pizza Hut, then maybe they can earn 500 pesos, minus deductions for an eight-hour day. But it’s not easy to find such a job. But if a Filipina woman can be a ‘companion’ to some old foreigner they can earn 10 times this amount in a tenth of the time – so that is actually 100 times more if they are lucky! And such good luck stories spread fast. So it’s basically a function of the “free” market – supply and demand. The men like to be together with Filipina women. Some are married and have families – but their wives and families in their home countries can’t see what they’re doing – that is being together intimately with Filipina girls and women in hotels and short-time hotels. Other men can find more attractive girls and women here than they can in their home countries, and hope to find a girlfriend or a wife.   

“I not understand everyfink u say John – reli? So ol op da girls standing around are layk dat here?” Kathy asked.

“Yes. It’s very common here, because there’s a lot of foreigners here. You should know because this is your country?!” John explained. They are often just mothers or daughters. They’ve either got to pay for their kids’ school expenses, or their mother’s medical bills. Who else is going to pay the bills? You don’t want them to be irresponsible and abandon their children or parents? Nobody will give them a well-paid job, so they just sell what is in demand in the ‘free’ market. Jesus said, “He who is without sin can cast the first stone”?[1] That is he said this when some men in the Bible wanted to stone a prostitute to death (which still happens in some countries today 2000 years later!). Jesus was a friend of women – and didn’t believe they should be punished just because they offered themselves to the lusts of men, so the women could provide for their families.


Kathy became a little shy when she saw people staring at them as they walked hand-in-hand in the shopping mall. People in Malate were not easily shocked – but John had insisted she wear her school uniform. So, she was just a young schoolgirl, five-foot tall and weighing about 75 pounds. John was 6 foot 3 inches, considerably older, and liked to wear absurd colonial-military style clothes in khaki and green. So, the older John in his colonial military clothes, and the young schoolgirl Kathy, walking hand-in-hand through the shopping mall, were certainly an ‘odd couple’.  

John had a background in the military which he didn’t like to talk about having witnessed all kinds of abominations carried out by the British army in Africa, including the burning to death of men, women and children. The women were marched naked holding their babes in their arms, and forced by British soldiers to enter a giant incinerator, who used vicious Alsatian dogs, and the butts of their rifles.[1] John had witnessed such scenes in the Second Boer War, when he was working as a war correspondent for The Morning Post. He was captured and held prisoner in a camp in Pretoria from which he escaped and re-joined the British army. He received a commission in the South African Light Horse – still working as a correspondent.

Despite his bad experiences in the British army, John still had a liking for the colonial military clothes, as they were so practical, offering ventilation in a hot climate and protection from the rain.


As they were still walking along in the shopping mall Kathy thought that maybe the staring people were thinking that she’s not any different from the girls on the street selling themselves. Even John noticed the people glancing, because it’s really odd to see a foreign military-looking older gentleman holding hands with a young Filipina schoolgirl. She tried to let go of his hand, and walked ahead of him out of humiliation.

Kathy decided to just stay at the hotel with John to avoid people’s judgements.

When they got back to the hotel, Kathy lay on the bed just looking at her Facebook on her phone. She’s thinking how to ask John about her plan that John gets her an apartment in Manila, so they have a place to stay next time he comes to Manila.

“Darwling – can you rent condo, and we have pleys next taim u cum here?” 

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. We can just book a hotel whenever I’m here,” John said when Kathy tried to show John a cozy condominium unit.

“Darwling pleys es gud and look nays,” Kathy said, but John’s didn’t approve of it.

Kathy got pissed, because she wanted the apartment.

She had borrowed his old Nokia phone. John liked the phone because it was so simple. So simple you could delete all your calls and contacts and it had no Internet either. He thought he had deleted all the messages and contacts, but Kathy was very adept with phones and quickly found some messages from other girls, such as Angelica, John’s girlfriend who worked at the Gold Coast Bar in Mabini Street, Ermita. The messages were pretty harmless, but enough to get Kathy really mad.


Kathy confronted John with the messages. She felt she was being cheated; she wanted to be the only one that John cared about. John’s a little irritated at Kathy’s sudden outburst – she’s getting clingy, which he doesn’t like. Also he didn’t think the messages were so incriminating. 

“Ho es dis? Why es she messaging yu?” Kathy asked in a mad temper.

“She’s just a friend,” John answered briefly, so as not to prolong the topic.

But Kathy was still suspicious that John might be cheating. She became quiet, and just lay on the bed going through her thoughts and what they had been doing together. But Kathy noticed that John had been fucking her less lately, which Kathy doesn’t mind, but she’s still wondering. John doesn’t like Kathy being clingy and demanding, he loses interest in fucking her. He notices that she’s already wanting a serious relationship, which John can’t give her. The sex and bond are great but John’s not into commitment – at least not at the moment. He liked her a lot, but he wasn’t madly in love with her like a schoolboy.      

“I need money to send to my sick mother. Can you help me with it?” Kathy asked John.

John helped Kathy and looked after her when they’re together. Kathy’s glad that she met John; her life’s getting better with his help.


When John left Kathy and the Philippines, he gave her quite a lot of money, so she could rent an apartment.


After a week or two, when John was back home in Scandinavia, Kathy kept sending him messages asking him for more money. “I need more furniture now. Will you send me money for it?”

John replied: “I just gave you money for basic things for the apartment.”

“But ay nid a vanity mirror, microwave, a fridge and a bigger closet. It will look nays por da pleys. Ispisyale wen you’re olredi hir, it’s complete,” Kathy explained.

Various ideas went through John’s mind – his brother used to say, “If you look in the mirror you’ll see a mug.” – or “You’ve made your bed, now you have to lie in it.” Let’s face it, this situation was made by John, so it seemed stupid that he should now have second thoughts. 

John replied, “It’s not really needed. Those just extras.”

His refusal to give her money for these things made Kathy mad.

“Yu hab tu meni reason. Just sey yu don’t want tu gib money,” Kathy replied angrily.


This situation brought their relationship to a standstill. Even when John is in the Philippines, he never ever visits Kathy in her apartment, and didn’t want to pay for it anymore.

John’s a bit disappointed, since he really likes Kathy – her skinny body and her cute childish face. Kathy’s very sad because all along she thought that John will be her saving grace, but he’s gone already in just a snap. All the dreams and plans she made are destroyed. Kathy can’t help but to cry. They start to lose contact already. She’s being hopeful for nothing.


Kathy left the apartment in Manila and went back to her province. Months past and it just happened that Kathy and John contacted each other when he arrived in the Philippines again. They both want to see each other again, but Kathy is far away and asked John to send her the money for the airfare to Manila, but John declined her request once again (thinking she was just trying to scam him).

Text messages:

Kathy: “I don’t have money for the fare. If you want to meet me, then send me money.”

John: “I won’t send any money. You can borrow from there, and then I will pay you when you arrive here,” John replied to Kathy.

Kathy: “You’ve really changed. You act so differently now.”

Kathy’s hope about John coming back faded away. She really needs to try her luck with others; she keeps on using AsianLove.Com and maybe next time she’ll find someone more dependable. 

John really wanted to see Kathy again, but he’s acting a bit stupid so he lost her. Kathy is a nice and innocent girl. What he’s scared of is being committed with one girl, and Kathy wants a serious relationship and to have a family. John can’t give it to her, because it will affect his life – he’s doesn’t want to be a regular family guy – also he’s not a young guy anymore.

Kathy never messaged him again; John seems too hurt and he is disappointed with Kathy. He still wants her, but it’s already too late.

John tends to be philosophical. He easily falls madly in love. He still thinks about the gem he lost in Kathy.

But John is not the main character in this story. The main character is Kathy. Unfortunately, in my role as narrator, I should be able to tell you what happened to Kathy – but I don’t know. I like to think that she’s living a better life now. It seems most probable. Maybe she never contacted John anymore because she found a “reliable” foreigner – we’ll never know though, because she is now ‘incognito’.

John often wonders what happened to Kathy. They were like two ships passing in the night. Momentarily dazzled by each other’s lights – and then suddenly fading again into the darkness of the night.  

[1] http://bunchedundies.blogspot.com/2015/11/a-pigeon-sat-on-branch-reflecting-on.html

[1] John 8:7.

[1] However, in reality it is often another story. Many visitors to the Philippines leave their children behind, and destitute on the street. https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=HdOlOD_TkzU Date of access: 18 November 2019.

[2] About 4.5 million people are homeless or living in informal settlements in the Philippines, with its population of about 106 million, according to the statistics office. About 3 million of them are in Metro Manila, possibly the most in any urban area in the world, charities estimate. June 7, 2018. https://www.csmonitor.com/World/Asia-South-Central/2018/0607/Slum-dwellers-in-the-Philippines-build-homes-through-community-programs

[3] Filipinos often think in terms of colour – in ways that might be considered offensive in the US or Europe – where they use other terms such as “English”, “African American”,  – not “white”, “brown”, “yellow” and “black”, and so on.

[4] Some shopping malls in the Philippines attract freelance prostitutes.

[1] Philippine television drama, also known as teleserye, Filipino telenovelas or P-drama, is a form of melodramatic serialized fiction in television in the Philippines. Teleserye is derived from two Filipino words: “tele”, which is short for “telebisyón” (television) and “sérye” (series).

[2] Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — Filipino culture still largely upholds a sprawling family that, despite size, keeps tightly knit — but more and more kids are growing up in non-traditional family structures. In 2015, the Philippine Statistics Authority estimated about three million household heads without a spouse — two million of whom were female. The Federation of Solo Parents has a member base of 80,000.

In a dominantly conservative country, the stigma is particularly hard on single mothers. https://cnnphilippines.com/life/culture/2018/03/27/single-mothers-Philippines.html

[1] A carinderia is a local eatery selling and serving and a variety of dishes and rice with wooden benches. It’s also known as a “turo-turo” wherein customers literally point at what they want to eat from an array of cauldrons. The carinderia is considered a resting place for travellers as it was originally a quick food service establishment at busy crossroads. Today, carinderias have evolved to meet the needs to Filipinos. There are now variations including the travelling carinderia and the gourmet carinderia.

[2] In the Philippines. when somebody is from the “province” it means they are from the countryside or rural area. Many Filipinos work in the cities but have families in the “province”. Thus, this is evidence of a country that is in transition – from an agricultural society to an industrial society. This is also characteristic of other developing countries in Asia such as Thailand.

[3] The Tagalog word “tita” means “aunt” or “auntie” in English.

[4] The Philippines is the largest exporter of nurses in the world – out of the 2.2 million overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), 25% commit their lives to caring for others. https://theculturetrip.com/asia/philippines/articles/why-are-there-so-many-filipino-nurses/

[5] “Ate” (Tagalog) In English translation, Ate (pronounced as ah-teh), means older sister. Filipinos use this term not only to their biological sister, but also with anyone older woman to show respect and courtesy.

[6] Tagalog: child, son/daughter.

[7] Just being sacked without any recompense may seem strange to a Western European, or even an American. But the rights of workers are minimal in many developing countries. Someone like Anna has probably never even imagined that workers are supposed to have rights – that they are not “people” with rights, but commodities like slaves, coal and meat that can be bought and sold in a market.

The number of workers in the Philippines organised into unions represents a mere fraction of the country’s 43 million workers – the voice of labour in the Philippines is a mere whisper – compared to the roar of the forces of capital. Adapted from: https://businessmirror.com.ph/2018/12/27/in-union-theres-strength-but-what-if-so-few-workers-are-organized/ Date of access: 8 November 2019.

[i] Among Asian countries, the Philippines has the No. 1 incidence of breast cancer. “Three out of 100 (Filipino) women will get breast cancer before age 75 and one out of 100 will die before reaching 75,” an official of the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology reported. https://businessmirror.com.ph/2018/10/18/breast-cancer-womens-enemy-no-1/

[ii] In the Philippines, TB is a major health problem. It is the sixth leading cause of death and illness. … TB prevalence is high among the high risk groups such as the elderly, urban poor, smokers and those with compromised immune systems such as people living with HIV, malnutrition and diabetes. http://www.wpro.who.int/philippines/areas/communicable_diseases/tb/story_continuation_tb_area_page/en/

[1] Até: A title of address for an elder sister. The female equivalent of “Kuya”.

[1] Aling: Tagalog – a title of familial respect used before the first name of a woman.

[2] Nanay: Tagalog: mother.

[1] The first part of this story is adapted from “Anna’s Story” by Adora Velasco.

[2] A “banana kyu” or Banana Q / Cue (Tagalog: Banana kyu) is a popular snack or street food in the Philippines. The banana is coated with caramelized brown sugar and skewered on a bamboo stick (Wikipedia).

[3] Mang – a title of respect used with the first name of a man, contracted form of mama’, mister. Mamang Pedro becomes Mang Pedro.

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