Where do broken hearts go?…….. Sagaduhh 😁😁 (Sagada, Philippines).

Where do broken hearts go?…….. Sagaduhh 😁😁(Sagada, Philippines).

People nowadays happened to asks this question most of the time. People who experience difficulty, stress and having a broken heart from their love ones or sometimes an event on their lives that affects their emotions and decisions.

As a normal human being, what we do as the very first step to conquer and escape all the negativity and depression that is slowly eating away our whole being is to find ways how to get through it and doing it right away just to forget, Like partying all night, drinking and getting drunk with anybody , taking illegal drugs as the worst part, locking themselves in their room alone; some go to gym or yoga classes as their getaway and some travel too and that is the best part ( though it’s certainly a bit costy). But the feeling that you are going to some unfamiliar places excites you and forget some of your problems behind. Finding yourself or having your own space are what we usually hear when someone’s broken.

Like some other countries, Philippines has it own version of place where you can relieve stress and mend your broken heart, and it’s none other than Sagada, Mt. Province that located in the northen part of Luzon, Philippines. Sagada is well known for its very cold weather and peaceful community. It resides in a very high mountain and 12 hours away from the city of Manila.

Sagada is not very develop but its the very reason why people go up there, for the peacefulness and calmness of the place. Sagada itself has their own tourist spot that will surely helps you move on from what pained and stresses you.

Sagada’s tourist spot that you will surely love..

1. Sumaguing cave

2. Bomod-0k falls

3. The hanging coffins

4. Mt. Kiltepan

5. Marlboro hill

6. Pongas falls

7. Lake danum

That’s some of the tourist spots in Sagada, that tourists been coming back for more. And most of them admitted that whenever they exiting or leaving Sagada, they leave with a peaceful and happy heart. Even me who suffered from depression and stress went straight to Sagada and i never regret on going there, The place is a breath of fresh air and very refreshing for me. The ambience is a perfect place to relax from the very stressful and busy city where we from.

So if you’re depressed? Stressed? Or broken hearted? You know where to go to…


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