A working girl of Manila


M. Maharlika[1]

[1] This is a true story told to M. Maharlika, who has tried to remain faithful to the report she received from Angelica’s friend, Judith Santos, who also works in the Gold Coast Bar. 


The Gold Coast Bar in Mabini Street, Ermita, Manila

Angelica answered her phone – Kath was calling her.

“Hey Anj! Saul is calling us for a show-up. Seems that he’s got another generous customer that’s coming to the bar soon,” Kath informed Angelica, calling her by her nickname ‘Anj’, telling her about the latest message she had received from the bar manager.

Angelica was in a 7-Eleven down the street from the bar where they worked; she had just popped out to get a snack.

“Is that so? Where’s Marie?” Angelica asked.  

“I think she’s in the bar,” Kath replied, as Angelica walked down Mabini Street towards the bar.


Angelica had started working in the Gold Coast Bar not long after giving birth to her kid who was now about two years old. She worked in the bar driven by the hatred in her heart of the kid’s father – because he had made her pregnant, but didn’t want to have anything to do with the kid or her. He was just an irresponsible bum. She had no choice but to swallow her pride, and work as a working girl in a bar to support her kid.

Kath and Angelica were now back in the bar again. They had taken their places sitting on a long bench behind the bar counter staring upwards at the backs of the guests who were perched on the high bar stools drinking.

“Okay, girls. Wear your sexiest smile, because we’ve a good customer coming to the bar soon looking for a nice girl,” said Saul the bar manager with a smile trying to invigorate his stall of 10 or 15 girls sitting on the long bench along the long back wall of the oblong bar.

Most of the bar girls cheered, because this meant a good payday for at least one of them.

Angelica, one of the girls sitting on the long bench, was lost in other thoughts, however. She was looking around the bar for her best friend Marie. She saw her sitting at the back – she hadn’t yet been “promoted” to the line of girls on the bench, as she was new. Angelica thought her friend must be feeling a little uncomfortable sitting at the back listening to the girls cheering.

“Quiet, girls. He’s here,” Saul shouted frantically as a tall lanky guy in British military shorts came into the bar, smiling from ear to ear.

“Good evening to all of you lovely ladies,” said the English looking guy.

“Girls, this is Sir John. He will choose one girl now that he will take out for this night,” Saul happily informed the girls all sitting on the bench with hopeful looks.

John look at each girl sitting in a line on the bench in the bar trying to do their best to look seductive and innocent at the same time.

Professor John McClean was visiting Manila. He had prepared himself for an evening in Ermita, and had $7000 in his security pocket, a mojo in his pocket, and before leaving his hotel he had taken a quadruple dose of African blister beetle[1] powder. 

“You can choose now sir, and anyway we have, two new girls here. Chelsea and Marie,” Saul boldly said while pointing the two new girls sitting at the back of the bar.

But John, was staring at one girl in particular who was sitting in the middle of the line. She was a pocket-sized beauty of 80 pounds with large strutting and pert breasts, a cute and innocent face and long black flowing hair and one of the youngest at nineteen. This was none other than our heroine Angelica who was now staring back doe-eyed at the long lanky man standing in front of her.

“Oh! I bet you’ve already chose one, sir?” Saul said abruptly as he noticed John staring at Angelica.

“Yes. I like that girl, she looks exceptionally pretty!” John stated, amazed at Angelica’s slim and pocket-sized looks – he loved these petite Filipina girls – pocket-battleships of sex – pocket-sized sex bombs. 

John’s comments made all other the other bargirls moan quietly in annoyance.

“Great! You made the right choice, sir. That’s Angelica, pretty and shy, but wild in romance,” Saul said as he clapped his hands.

John just smiled and continued staring at the pretty petite doe-eyed girl named Angelica.

Angelica felt intimidated by this tall, erect man, but she still managed to smile while walking towards Saul and John McClean.

She still felt shy, but happy at the same time, because the tall handsome man had chosen her in front of all the other bar girls. She felt proud and overwhelmed.

“Hi! I’m John. You look very pretty,” John smiled at Angelica. Angelica became even more shy standing near the man – he was so tall and she was so small, so she had to crane her neck to look up at him.

John paid the barfine[2] to Kitty – the mamasan[3] behind the bar counter. He took the money out of his “secondary” wallet – that is, not his main stash of $7000 in his security pocket sewn into the inside of his military shorts. He didn’t pay attention to the amount, as it was only a small amount compared to the cost of things in his own country.[4]

“I’m Angelica, sir,” she said as they walk towards the bar exit.

“Just call me John, mi amor,” John said dearly; it seemed that he really liked her a lot – which made her smile shyly.

“We can go to my hotel room now, ok,” John explained softly.

“Oki, ser,” Angelica said, while walking behind him.

“I’m staying at the New World Hotel. Have you been there before?” he asked.

“No ser, I never been der,” she replied in a broad Filipino accent.

Of course, English wasn’t Angelica’s first language, which was Tagalog. However, most Filipinos are more proficient in English than their Asian neighbours, such as the Thais.

They rode a taxi to go to John’s hotel, although it wasn’t that far away.

When they were in the hotel room, John changed his pants to boxers, and went straight to the small bar counter in the room, and opened a bottle of Sicilian red wine, Barone Montalto. Angelica in the meantime was just sitting quietly on the bed.

“Do you want some wine?” He asked.

“Yes, thenk yu,” she nodded.

He found another glass and poured some wine into it, and walked towards her and handed her the glass of wine. She took a sip, but grimaced – the taste was much too strong for her virgin tongue.

John then went to the office table and opened his laptop and played Sade Adu’s No Ordinary Love. He turned back to Angelica who was now looking back at him with doe-eyed innocence. John went to her on the bed, and kissed her lips, and she sweetly returned his kisses.

“How old are you?” John asked her

“I’m 19,” she said.

“Really? You actually look younger,” John said, sitting beside Angelica, while caressing her soft large breasts.

“Why are you working at that bar anyway?” He asked, still cupping her breast that he had already released from her tiny sexy tight red dress.

“I hab to wurk for my kid. Aym a single muder,” she explained with difficulty in speaking English.

“Oh! Sorry to hear that. Typical story,” he sympathetically said.

“Wat tipical?” She asked confused.

“I mean, the father has no job and is irresponsible?” John explained.

“Yis, yis. He’s a crazy guy,” she agreed while nodding.

He felt sorry for her. He had heard of similar stories before, and felt sorry for those girls who had to raise their kids alone. That made him like Angelica even more.

Eventually, Angelica started to caress John’s thigh, so he became enlarged. He kissed Angelica again while massaging her bare breasts that made her moan and welcome his kisses. He became so incensed by her passion. Angelica was also already enjoying his sweet and wet kisses, especially when John ran his fingers along her thighs reaching her already-wet pussy.


John was now lying on top of her on the bed. She can’t help but like John’s gentle touch.

“I wanna taste your wet pussy, hmm,” he said, already positioning himself facing her wet pussy, and started licking her pussy lips that made her sway her body and moan uncontrollably.

The hypnotic sounds of Sade Adu’s song went through his head as he ate out Angelica’s pussy:

This is no ordinary love

No ordinary love

This is no ordinary love

No ordinary love

“Oohh shet, ooh,” she sweetly moaned that made John eat her more, and slide his tongue in her pussy as far as it would go.

“Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, …. .”

The sound of John’s mouth licking and eating Angelica’s wet pussy echoed around the room.

“Oooh ooh shet.. My ghad aaahh,” she loudly moaned, while John continuously romanced her wet and juicy pussy.

“Your pussy tastes so good hmmm.. I  wanna fuck this juicy pussy right now,” John exclaimed, while sliding one of his fingers inside her pussy.

“Oooh shet, aaahh,” she moaned louder.

John positioned himself on top of Angelica, while spreading her legs widely. He saw how wet her pussy was, which made him even more hornier.

“Hmmm.. O lovely Pussy! O Pussy, my love, What a beautiful Pussy you are, You are, You are! What a beautiful Pussy you are!” he said, waxing poetical.

“We have tarried too long,” he said while making his way inside her pussy.

“Baby, come here to me, Come into me, Ooh, baby, … You can always come into me,” she said moaning.

Angelica looked at him with full anticipation with what he was going to do next. She really liked how he ate her pussy, and now wanted him more. She saw how he slowly slid his hard and long dick inside her wet and juicy pussy, which made her scream with joy. It felt so tight inside her, so good – his super hard dick.

“Oohh my ghad. Aaah, shet aaah,” she loudly screamed.

“Oohh fuck.. It feels so good inside your pussy, aah,” groaned John while fucking her harder and deeper.

“Baby, show me ow dip your love kan bee … Yis, yis. Oohh, yis, fuck me like dat,” Angelica moaned deliriously.

John was now even hornier when he saw Angelica orgasming, and how she enjoyed his hard dick inside her pussy. Fucking on the spur of the moment, they had forgotten to use a condom for protection.

“Hhhmmm ooohh God. My dick feels so good inside your tiny pussy aahh,” John moaned loudly.

“Oooh shet, John!!! Yur dick feel so gud – ooh my ghad,” she screamed and moaned with pleasure.

John continued fucking harder and deeper into her pussy, so she moaned and moaned deliriously. His dick easily slid in and out of her pussy like the single piston of a 500 cc Vincent Comet engine; her pussy was dripping wet, because of the sensation that his dick gave her. She screamed and cried out with pleasure.

“Ooohhh, dear. I’m exploding cuming soon, aaah,” John groaned in a state of delirium.

“Oooh ghad, aah aah shet aaah,” Angelica shouted deliriously as she pushed her pussy towards his throbbing dick.

Her final push made him explode inside her wet pussy. They both collapsed into each other while releasing their loads.

He can’t believe that behind her young girl quietness and shyness, she moaned and screamed louder than a siren.

Angelica, on the other hand, didn’t expect that she would enjoy having sex with this tall and slim pale-skinned foreigner. She can’t believe that her pussy was so wet while John was romancing her. They fell asleep with his hard dick still inside her pussy.


It was still dark outside when John woke up, but he’s sure that it’s already morning. The blister beetle aphrodisiac had woken him up. He was lying against Angelica’s back. He had been dreaming about fucking Angelica’s cunt, which had become so big, so that it had swallowed him whole – so it was partly an unpleasant dream. He was surprised when he realised that his dick was still inside Angelica’s tiny pussy, but was growing bigger all by itself and demanding that he energize his ass to fuck her cunt. He obeyed his cock and started pumping inside her pussy slowly, so as not to wake her up. He liked sometimes to participate in “necrophilia sex”, as it was so undemanding, as you didn’t have to worry about the responses of your partner. However, his cock got out of control, so that Angelica almost woke up from the dead, and started to moan softly; she still wasn’t fully awake yet, so John fucked her slowly so as not to wake her completely.

“Oooh ooohh,” Angelica softly moaned, while John was still pumping inside her. She was still oblivious of what was happening.

“Ooohh, dear, your pussy feels so good. I love fucking your wet and tiny pussy,” John whispered in her ear.

His dick is so hard now – he couldn’t help stop himself from fucking Angelica’s juicy pussy harder from behind that woke her up.

“Oh shet.. Aaahh,” she just moaned, when she realised that John is fucking her again.

But it made her hornier; she feels that she’s so attractive and irresistible that made John fuck her more and more all over again.

“Ahhhh… How I love fucking your sweet cunt, I can’t stop fucking your tiny, little pussy, oooohhh,” he whispered deliriously to her while pumping his dick inside her more and more.

John changed position and now wanted Angelica to lay flat on her back.

“Lay down, dear. Spread your legs wide apart so my dick can go inside your wet and tiny pussy,” he demanded, and she instantly obeyed.

She spread her legs wide and spread her pussy with her fingers, so John could easily slide his dick inside her. He held her legs apart, so her cunt was more open to his cock.

“Ooohh, mother of heaven, this feels so good. Aaaahh,” John moaned, as he pumped inside harder and deeper.

“Oooh shet… Oohh yis, yis,” Angelica moaned and screamed, as their bodies united incredulously once again.

Angelica felt so special while John fucked her non-stop again. She had never met such an insatiable man before – he was like a non-stop fucking engine – a perpetual motion machine. Although her pussy was a little bit sore, she didn’t want to stop, and felt more pleasure while he pumped his long hard cock in-and-out of her non-stop. She was enjoying it, and wanted more of his hardness inside her.

John continued going up and down on her. His body is energised again; he looked at her young and innocent angelic looks, making his cock even harder. He started kissing her luscious lips again and  she immediately answered with her tongue.  

She was trembling with so much pleasure. She couldn’t help but moan louder and pushed herself and her pussy harder towards him. All her shyness was now gone. All she can think of now is how she loves John’s hardness.

“Oooh shet,” she said again.


Angelica left the hotel in the morning. John had given her 10, 000 pesos, which he said was “for her kid”. She thought it was much too much – about 3,4 or 5 times more the going rate. They had sex about five times, so that she had hardly slept at all. It was certain John liked her a lot and he couldn’t get enough of her.

They had also planned to meet the next day in the evening, and she planned to take her best friend Marie along, since John was very generous and gentle.


Angelica was now back in the Gold Coast Bar later that day.

“Dat wayt guy last nayt was so hooked wid mi last nayt,” Angelica proudly said to the other bargirls who wanted to know how things had turned out.

“How can yu say huh? Yu just get him because he’s horny and nids a playmate,” Tanya said while smirking, spoiling Angelica’s mood.

“Shatap, bitch. Yu know nuthing. He really layks mi, because he can’t help but to romance mi couple of tayms, wid all gentleness a guy could give,” she fired back.

Tanya and some other envious bar girls just smirked and made their way to the back of the bar to put on their make-up to get ready for the evening.


“We are going in a bit to Café Breton in Makati to mit John,” Angelica said to Marie as they walked to Saul’s office at the back of the bar.

“We? Wat do you mean?” Marie asked confusedly.

“I’m bringing yu with mi. John is kind and beri generous. I want yu to hab some earnings while relaxing. Here at the bar is veri toxic,” she said as she grabbed Marie by the arm and went to the manager’s office to ask if they can go to meet John. Saul knows that they have an appointment to meet John this afternoon. She had to give Saul the barfine money, if she was going to visit a client in bar-time, which she paid out of the money John had given her; she hoped John would recompense her.


On arriving at Café Breton in Makati, they already saw John sitting at one of the tables in the area outside the Café, and went towards him.

“Hi, girls. How are you?” John said to them and offered them to take a chair at the table.

“We are gud, John,” Angelica said.

“So is this Marie?” John asked while kissing Marie’s cheek so that Angelica glowered sourly.  

“Yis, ser. I’m sorry if i go wid, Angelica,” Marie shyly apologized.

“Don’t worry, dear. Angelica has already informed me that you would join us,” John said, to reassure Marie.

John couldn’t help but hide his excitement that he would be fucking the life out of these two young Filipina girls later in the evening. Angelica looked displeased at how he was affectionate towards her friend, but thought that he was just being nice – he likes me that’s all that matters.


They all went back to John’s hotel room after eating dinner at Café Breton. Angelica went straight to the bathroom, while Marie sat on the couch near the bed, and John went to the small bar counter and poured himself some red wine, Casillero del Diablo, the well-known Chilean wine.  

“Some wine?” John offered Marie some wine to drink but she declined.

She said that she’s still breastfeeding her kid that’s only seven months old at the moment. John felt sad about Marie’s situation, but it turned him on at the same time knowing that she had milk in her breasts. John wanted to taste the milk from her full and sumptuous breasts while fucking her.

“The father your kid left you?” John asked abruptly.

“Yis, ser,” Marie answered as she nodded her head.

“That seems to be common in your country,” John just said and sat near her.

“You have very beautiful breasts. They seem so huge. How could your man leave you, when you’re such a beautiful woman gifted by God?!” John said praising her.

“Ah yis, ser. They big because I still breastfeed my kid,” she explained.

“Do you want to have sex with me too?” He asked.

“No, ser, only touch my boobs maybe,” she said shyly.

John looked a bit disappointed, though he was pretty shagged out after his long session with Angelica the night before, and in the morning. His cock felt pretty worn out. But he got turned on with the idea of fucking both Angelica and Marie. With this in mind, he had taken an octuple dose of African blister beetle powder before meeting Angelica and Marie, so his cock was already standing to attention waiting for orders.

He also had this stupid idea that he liked helping girls that were in difficult situations. Apart from this, giving these girls money also had an aphrodisiac effect on his cock making it bigger and harder for some peculiar reason.

“Marie wants yu to play wid her breast,” Angelica said as she emerged from the shower and stood fully naked in front of him.

“How much is your rate for playing with your breast?” John asked.

“Two tawsand pesos, ser,” she said.

It made him think – it was rather a large amount for just a bit of breast massage, but he felt obliged, since he wanted to help her too, and he wanted to see the milk of her breasts at the same time.

“Come here on the bed and take off your clothes,” he said.

She looked hesitant, when he told her to take her clothes off.

“Don’t worry, I’ll just play with your breasts,” John said.

Angelica laid down next to John and took hold of his hand and placed it on her pussy. Marie undressed herself and sat on the other side of the bed. John ended up in the middle of two lovely and sexy young girls.

“Wow! Your breasts are so huge,” John said while playing with Marie’s breasts, pressing the areola to release some sweet sugary milk that he caught in his mouth, while Angelica played with his hard and throbbing cock.

“Hhmmm,… Your milk tastes so sweet,” John said and kept massaging her breasts that made Marie horny and she started to moan loudly.

“Oh fuck. Feels so gud, ahhh,” Marie loudly said.

John is turned on a bit and his mind is saying to him that he wants to fuck Marie now even though he felt tired. Especially with the way Angelica played with his cock. He turned to Angelica and kissed her hungrily while still massaging Marie’s huge breasts.

“Can you taste the taste of Maria’s sweet milk on my mouth, dear?” John asked Angelica that made her frown.

John turned to Marie and made her lay flat on her back on the bed, which shocked Angelica. Marie didn’t struggle, because she felt too horny.

“I want to fuck you too; I will pay you five thousand peso if you agree,” said John.

Marie looked interested by his offer and said she would agree if he would add another two thousand pesos, because it will be her very first time to have sex with another guy apart from her ex-boyfriend who made her pregnant. But Angelica looks so disgusted with the both of them and with the deal and made her way into the bathroom and locked the door.

John felt hesitant at the said price, but since he’s playing the hero with the girls, he just agreed.


After the discussion of the price, Marie laid on the bed and John started spitting into her cunt a few times and rubbing it in with his fingers to moisturize it. John seemed surprised at Marie’s hairy cunt – as he wasn’t use to eating hairy pussy – having only fucked bargirls and freelancers for many years, who spent more time tending the appearance of their pussy than putting on makeup. Marie pulled back her pussy lips with one hand, so John’s tongue could have better access.

Marie’s cunt also had a natural aroma, which John wasn’t used to either, despite the fact she had spent a lot of time in the bathroom. In other circumstances, this might have aroused John, but he was tired and depleted by so much fucking that the aroma didn’t entice him into rabid sexual action.

In fact, the smell of her cunt gave him a déjà vu experience taking him back to his British and Nordic girlfriends of yesteryear who also seemed to have a disdain for the aromatic qualities of their fountain of pleasure. To counter the natural aroma of Marie’s cunt, John took a deep draft from the large glass of Casillero del Diablo which was placed on the bedside table, but didn’t swallow the whole mouthful, but spat some of it into the young girl’s cunt. This greatly improved matters, and he continued to lick her cunt which was now perfumed with the “devil’s cellar”. It left a red stain on the sheet which worried John, as the hotel manageress on a previous occasion had tried to extort several hundred dollars from him due to another girlfriend called Fatima who had decorated the bedding à la Jackson Pollock with her menstrual blood when he was fucking her.

“You don’t shave, dear?” John asked the obvious that made Marie uneasy.

“Sowwy, I not shave. I not have sex wid more dan one guy,” she explained shyly.

John left off sucking her cunt and started to kiss Marie on the lips, and she started to kiss him back – it seems like she liked the kissing part. John was actually still pretty tired, and he just wanted to penetrate her and get it over with. Marie reminded him that he should wear a condom.

 John attempted to enter Marie’s pussy, but the condom had strangled the life out of his cock, and her pussy was still a little dry. “My God,” John thought, “this is a labour of love.” Determined to fulfil his self-appointed role as debauchee he made a determined effort.

“Ouch, ouch!” Careful pleeze!” Marie cried as John tried to force entrance into her cunt.

“Ooh. It’s already inside,” John finally managed to penetrate inside her pussy at last.

“Oohh shit… Hmm,” Marie moaned.

After a few minutes of pumping and enjoying Marie’s fresh and youthful body, John took out his dick, which surprised Marie quite a bit.

“Are yu done?” She asked staring at him.

“Yes,” he answered.

John knew that all the bargirls were only too happy when a client finished quickly. It’s an absolute advantage for them, because it meant less work, while still getting full pay.

After the less-than-perfect intercourse with Marie, Angelica came out of the bathroom, as if she’s certain that John and Marie were done. Her annoyance and jealousy soon disappeared, and she started fucking John again without using a condom while Marie lay on the couch on the other side of the room.

John inserted his dick in her cunt while she was in a doggie position on the bed’s edge. Marie on the other side of the room was watching them while touching herself discreetly.

“Ooh ooh, shet. C’mon John, oh shet!”

Angelica’s moans were so loud they must have been heard in the adjacent rooms.

“Ah ah. Oh my ghad aaaahh,” she moaned deliriously while John was now fucking her while she lay on her back.

“Hhmm. You’re always wet, dear. I love being inside you, oooohh,” John moaned loudly.

“Yu look so tired and exhausted huh?” Angelica asked when she looked at John’s face after they had finished fucking.

John was so amazed with Angelica’s sex drive. Sex in the early morning to the music of the Malate fighting cocks that started to crow in the street below; sex in the late morning after room service breakfast; sex in the afternoon; and sex in the middle of the night – she’s the one and only girl he had met with such an enormous sexual appetite, while at the same time playing the role of the young shy virgin – it was a toxic sexual cocktail that blew John’s mind.

In other words, Angelica had the appetite of a cougar, but the cock-hardening disposition of a frightened doe-eyed schoolgirl.


In the morning Marie had to leave, because she had to take care of her kid. Angelica stayed in the room, while John went to the hotel pool to swim two kilometres, as he liked to try and keep fit, because he imagined this was good for his cock.

After the swim, John went back to the room. Once in the room, he saw that Angelica was standing on the balcony – she hadn’t heard him enter the room. Walking up quietly behind her, he saw that she was waving to some workers who were working on a building site on the other side of the street opposite; he crept up behind her, and went down on his knees; he prized the material of her panties to one side and inserted his tongue in her cunt from behind and ate her out. Angelica pretended he wasn’t even there, and carried on waving and smiling to the workers on the roof opposite three or four floors below on the other side of the street; they were in room 1111 on the eleventh floor. As John carried on eating her cunt, she started to let out high-pitched squeals and waved to the workers more frantically than before – the workers were only too happy to wave back; she finally started cumming and squirted into his mouth, and then collapsed in a heap on the floor of the balcony. They repeated this role-play on many occasions and called it “waving to the workers”.

When she was lying in a heap on the floor of the balcony John dragged her back into the room and carried on sucking her pussy while she lay on the floor, giving her a little time to recover first.

“Ooh shet. Ah ah,” she moaned as he sucked her cunt lips.

“You want me to always suck your cunt, huh?”

“Yis, yis. Oh c’mon John,.. Oh my ghad,” she softly moaned, as John continued eating her wet cunt.


John’s cock was a perfect fit for Angelica’s eternally moist cunt. John and Angelica were also compatible in many other ways – they agreed on almost everything. And she liked fucking so much, though she’s not so demanding and assertive.


In the meantime, Marie had come back to the hotel. They all went out together to have a brunch at Café Breton in Greenbelt, Makati. John then remembered that he still had to pay the girls.

“How much should I pay you two?” John asked Angelica.

“Wat do yu mean?” Angelica had seemed to forget their deal, but Marie remembered, and answered.

“About last night, Anj. It’s seven thousand peso each ser,” she said.

So John went to the ATM nearby in Greenbelt and withdrew some money. He paid the girls seven thousand each and one thousand more for the taxi and said goodbye.

“Alright. All is settled now?” John asked as he paid the girls.

“Yes, ser. Thank yu,” Marie said, grateful that she had a bigger pay than she had earned for a long time. Now she would finally be able to buy some medicine for her kid.


Later on

John noticed that every time he met Angelica, she always had Marie tagging along. He didn’t have any choice but to take both of them at the same time.

Angelica was always together with Marie, because they wanted to help each other, as they were both single moms. The more their kids grow up, the more they would cost. Their pain in life was less when they could share their agony, since they had the same situations.

“Are you sure that it’s still okay for Ser John that I will go with the two of you?” Marie asked Angelica.

In reality, Angelica had egoistic reasons for taking along Marie when she was going to fuck John. She didn’t mind fucking John, but she liked to have a break. And her English wasn’t that good and she didn’t know what to say to John anyway; he was a professor of language and philosophy, and raved on about all the subjects under the sun, and she didn’t understand a word he was saying.

After the girls left, Angelica started to explain to her friend Marie why they should be a threesome: “Why not? John’s nice and helpful. Don’t you wanna earn more – he’s generous – not like the guys in the bar who grope you and give you nothing,” Angelica explained raising her eyebrows.

Later on:

The three of them went to the Gold Coast Bar and partied like animals. Both of the girls loved to dance, especially to INNA – “Gimme Gimme”:

Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme that love

Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme that love

I’mma love you, love you, love you long time

So give me, give me the way that I like it

Everybody outside when the night ends

We can do it all again when the sun’s up

You know I really wanna be dirty wind in

You know you really wanna give me your love

Angelica liked to dance to the rhythm of “gimme gimme”, gyrating her hips in imitation of fucking.  

“Let’s dance John,” Angelica offered while wiggling her hips in a fucking style right in front of him, which she had learnt from the other bargirls.

“Sure, sure. But I’m not that good a dancer,” John explained.

“It’s oki,” Angelica said.

They had been dancing and singing in the bar, especially Angelica who loved to party. John got too drunk and spent too much in the bar ringing the bell too many times.[5] He had spent almost 20, 000 pesos!  


Some days later, John went to the Gold Coast Bar again accompanied by his brother Murdock. Angelica wasn’t in the bar, but her rival Clarissa was there. When Clarissa saw the two men enter she adopted a sexy pose, pouted her lips and flashed her long eyelashes.    

Clarissa was a typical Filipina beauty with dimples in her cheeks, and a provocative sexy smile. She was what you might call a “chocolate drop” – somethin’ fit to eat – a brown-skinned girl – a long tall girl with skinny legs (tall for a Filipina).

John didn’t really like his own brother, because he’s a bit of an idiot; they are twins, and John hates it when people mistake him for his brother.  

Marie had seen John come into the bar, so she immediately took her cell phone and messaged Angelica who was in Robinson’s Place buying some make-up.

  • John here at bar … .

Angelica read the message – she was a bit pissed, because John hadn’t told her that he was coming.

Marie went into the CR and called Angelica.

“He at bar. He look a bit wasted. Now he talk Clarissa and Neslyn,” Marie told her.

“Ok, I come soon,” she said and rang off.


When Angelica walked into the Gold Coast Bar, the first thing she saw was John eating out Clarissa’s pussy; she was sitting on a high bar stool next to her friend Neslyn. Neslyn’s short skirt was hitched up; she wasn’t wearing panties, and her legs were splayed slightly revealing her pink shaved pussy; it was if she was next in line for John’s attentions! The bar stools were swivelled around with their backs to the bar counter to give John access to their cunts. But this also gave the row of girls sitting below them opposite a front seat view of this theatrical performance. The girls seemed delighted, as they were cheering John, and some of them said, “me next,” as it became evident later that John paid each girl a premium for participating in this pussy-licking sport.

John hadn’t removed Clarissa’s red knickers, but just hitched up her short skirt and prized the material of her knickers to one side so he could insert his tongue.

John finished off Clarissa and started on Neslyn. The other girls sitting on the bench became hysterical. John had promised each girl 3000 pesos for partaking in the sport, which was at least a week’s pay for 5 minutes work!

Angelica felt betrayed. But what she didn’t know was that the guy eating out the girls’ cunts wasn’t John but Murdock, John’s twin brother, and his alter ego; Murdock was like the mad Doctor Hyde, while John was the more sane Doctor Jekyll.[6]  

Both John and Murdock wore the same style of clothes, a kind of British military colonial style in the manner of Jonathan Quayle Higgins III in his role in Magnum, P.I..

Angelica got angry when she saw her enemy’s pussy being sucked and licked by Murdock who she thought was John.  

“How can he do that to me? I thought we were connected and could start something, but he’s just like all the stupid guys,” Angelica complained.

Marie was just listening, Even though she knew that the guy was John’s brother Murdock.


The next day John met Angelica in the Café Havana in Makati, after John had sent her a message.

He asked her what she would like to eat or drink. He became confused, because she seemed indifferent towards him.

“What happened? Did I say something wrong?” John asked.

“Wow. How come yu forget you eat Clarissa’s pussy last night huh?” She angrily asked.

Marie had explained to Angelica that it wasn’t John, but his twin brother Murdock – but somehow she didn’t quite believe it, although she had met Murdock in the bar.

“What? It wasn’t me – it was my brother Murdock”, he explained.

“Yur liar, I saw you at bar. Yur drunk and suck Clarissa and Neslyn’s cunts and I see how yu make out wid them,” she said teary eyed.

“You’re mistaken, dear. Maybe you’re talking about my brother, Murdock. You know we’re twins – you saw us in the bar together,” he explained.

But she still looked unconvinced.

“Is dis real?”

“Yes. He’s my twin brother, I’m sorry if you think I’m him,” John apologized to her.

In the end, Angelica still remained sceptical, because she knew that John was crazy about pussy, having fucked her non-stop on several occasions. 


John became more fond of Angelica. She came to the New World Hotel again, and he fucked her all night long and in the morning. Her cunt was always wet and she was always willing, but she wasn’t like a whore, more like an innocent young girl who he delighted in abusing. Every time he penetrated her, her young girl face looked shocked, but also thankful to receive his large and long organ. John loved fucking her – she was so easy to fuck, always wet, and ready to fuck, anytime and anywhere.

Angelica is also happy to be with John as well. He gave her all she needed, and she could not ask for more. John is so sweet and gentle, humorous and fun to be with. There’s no space for boredom when she’s with John. She was so hurt when she thought that he had fooled her with Clarissa, but she finally accepted that it was his twin brother Murdock all along. Clarissa, who is her rival and enemy always ruined her day. Crazy Clarissa – she’s just a plain drug abuser and should be in rehab. She was a user of shabu, and Angelica had seen her snorting it in the bar. The drug meant that she had an untiring sexual appetite. Some people say that the war on drugs is just an excuse of the rich and powerful to abuse the poor, so they can keep power. However, Angelica didn’t believe this. She believed that the people in power were good Christians and truly believed in God. The people in power believed in the forgiveness of sinners. They were motivated by the aim to bring equality to all Filipinos – that every person in the Philippines should be equal – that all people are created equal, that God gives every person rights, the right to life, freedom and happiness.  

But it was true in one sense. Clarissa had an addiction. And she would do anything to get money to spend on drugs, including fucking anybody who would pay to fuck her. Clarissa should perhaps go in rehab. Is there such a thing as rehab for poor people in this country? Perhaps only for the wealthy? Perhaps the poor can expect another solution?  


Angelica looked at a text message she had received from John. He said he wanted her to take Clarissa along to the hotel instead of Marie. He knew how she hated that bitch – why isn’t he more considerate? Angelica ignored his request and took her friend Marie along anyway to the hotel.


Angelica came to the hotel, and he fucked her all night long and in the morning too. Marie had come along too, but he didn’t fuck her – she just lay on the couch in a dismal mood. John was perhaps very inconsiderate in that he couldn’t be bothered fucking her again. To make things worse, Angelica had made a joke – she had said in Tagalog to Marie, “why you not wearing panties, you get ready to fuck.” Angelica thought this was hilarious, but Marie remained mute.

John would have loved to have fucked Marie so as to do her a favour, but he was fed up with all the rigmarole of condoms; also, Angelica and Marie didn’t specialise in threesomes. It might have been more interesting for John if Angelica had massaged or licked his balls while he was fucking Marie, but they weren’t professionals in this sense, unlike some of his other “girlfriends” in the Philippines. 

~The next day John went to the Gold Coast Bar again. He was sitting together with Angelica and Marie, but he couldn’t but help notice Clarissa who was sitting two or three bar stools away. She was young and skinny like Angelica, but she had an intriguing look about her – promising some deviant young girl sex. He thought to himself – “I always manage to pick out the wrong girl.” Although he loved fucking Angelica, she didn’t have the “forbidden fruit” factor of Clarissa. John didn’t know how old Clarissa was. All the girls had to be eighteen to work in the bar. But many girls falsified their IDs. It wasn’t like in the Bible anymore, when you could fuck 12-year-old girls. John wasn’t a Christian, but thought he would convert if he could fuck a 12 year-old Clarissa-Abishag like King David (1 Kings 1:4). It would be one way of dying happy – fucking and being eaten by the insatiable young lioness cub Clarissa. John was willing to be eaten by this skinny young lioness.

He studied Clarissa’s features and when she looked back at him, she immediately smiled seductively, in a young virgin-temptress sort of way.


Angelica and Marie wanted to stop working at the bar, because of the bad atmosphere there.

“We want to stop working at the bar. You know how the bar girls act here,” Angelica said.

She’s hoping that John is serious with her, but John seems very unsettled in the relationship. John loved fucking her, but how could he make the step from fucking her to suddenly becoming a regular husband – the whole idea seemed preposterous to John – despite the fact he loved her in many ways – they had so little to say to each other, because of the language problems and other circumstances – after all – he liked kids – but didn’t really have being a stepfather as his number one priority. In fact, he 10 % admired fathers he observed at the hotels where he stayed, but 90% appreciated he wasn’t in that category. He had moved outside the so-called regular humanity. He had become the hated object of capitalists, fascists, socialists, and communists – he was an individual.  

John really wanted to fuck Clarissa, despite the fact that she was a crazy drug-girl and hated by Angelica. The management in the bar wanted him to fuck her too, because this would mean an extra barfine for them.

But for one reason and another he never got to fuck the pussy that his twin brother had been avidly licking some days before.

“I’ve been hearing some gossip,” Angelica said, a bit pissed.

“Gossip?” John confusedly asked.

“About you liking that Clarissa!” She angrily replied.

“Stop listening to gossip. That’s all lies,” John just said.

She stopped bothering him about Clarissa. She should just trust him and believed what he was saying.


John decided to stop going to the Gold Coast Bar, because they overcharged him for bar fines – two or three thousand more than the regular amount. But this is all irrelevant now because there is no more Gold Coast Bar in 2019. It was closed down by the authorities. But this is another story. But John continued to fuck Angelica – but now she’s working in another bar in Mabini – and she’s older too. But this is also another story.

[1] The Sudan blister beetle can be utilised as a powerful aphrodisiac.

[2] Barfine: A “bar fine” is a payment made by a customer to the operators of a bar that allows a dancer, hostess, or some other employee of that bar to leave work early, usually in order to accompany the customer outside the bar.

[3] In South-East Asia, a woman in a position of authority, especially one in charge of a bar or massage parlour that rents out girls.

[4] He was from Scotland, but also worked in Scandinavia – so a barfine in Manila was perhaps a third of the cost of an airport taxi in Oslo – so for John it was an unimportant expense due to the currency differential between Scandinavia and the Philippines which was a ratio of about 1:10. Sir John was very thankful to global capitalism, because it meant he could have his pick of the most beautiful young girls in the world for mere pocket money. 

[5] “Ringing the bell” in a bar. In South-East Asia there is a custom that if you ring the bell in a bar then you have to buy everyone in the bar a drink.

[6] The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson (1886).

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